2012 Street Stock Rules

We will accept any cars that are legal to run at any track in the SS Division. Others tracks than those listed are approved to race at UPIR if they meet tracks rules  (Click track name for rules)

Fire Suits

Fire Suits are recommended.  Full coverage clothing from wrist and ankle to neck required. Cotton clothing recommended, No nylon or polyester. Leather or fire retardant gloves mandatory.


Required: Minimum DOT approved. SNELL approved recommended

Post Race Inspection

At the conclusion of a scheduled event, the Top 5 finishing cars will report for technical inspection. At that time necessary checks will be made to determine that cars conform to the rules. Officials reserve the right to interpret and enforce the rules and procedures as they see fit and that the intent of the rule is being applied. The decision of the officials shall be final, official, binding and unable to be appealed.


All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare their car FREE of defects and in safe racing condition.

Drivers will be allowed to race regardless of having a drivers license. Also if they do not have a drivers license because of age they are allowed to race via parents consent.

Rules are subject to change. All decisions by officials are final.

Any questions she be directed to Tom Dubord (906)-399-7760 or emailed to info@UPIRTRACK.com