About the Tournament

  1. Players of all levels are welcome.
    1. We offer Training Matches for new and returning players.
  2. Squad Leader and all of its gamettes are playable.
  3. VSQL/VASSAL is the official software (free) and available here.
    1. We provide support for installation.
  4. You may play as often as you like and play multiple games concurrently.
  5. Points are awarded as follows:
    1. 5 points per win
    2. 4 points per draw
    3. 3 points per loss
    4. 1 point per incomplete game

Rules Conventions
  1. All rules up to the scenario in play are in affect (Exception: use Battlefield Integrity only by SSR).
    1. Players may (and should) choose to omit any rules sections upon mutual agreement beforehand.  
    2. The published Q&A document is an extension of the rules.  
    3. Squad Leader Academy Conventions supersede rulebooks and Q&A, players are advised to read the Significant Rules Modifications for the 4 most important differences.  
    4. All rules questions should be posted to the Forum and Bill T will adjudicate any and all disputes.
  2. Squad Leader Academy Conventions
  3. Question and Answer Document