RINs are a type of tradeable credit. They are generated by biodiesel producers and are consumed ("retired") by the petroleum industry. They have their existence in an EPA-managed online system called EMTS. Biodiesel manufacturers can and must generate RINs for each gallon of biodiesel that they produce. 

RINs can be bought and sold, but only by appropriately registered parties and within restrictive rules. 

RINs can have the following classifications:
  • When they are generated they are "K1 Assigned RINs". 
    • When ownership of biodiesel is transferred "with Assigned RINs" some of these "K1 Assigned RINs" from the seller's stock are also transferred into the ownership of the purchaser. It is not necessary for these RINs to be the same ones as were generated when that specific quantity fuel was produced. 
  • Under specified conditions RINs can be separated from biodiesel. These RINs may be sold as "K2 Separated RINs".
    • This provision permits the sale of biodiesel to parties that are not registered to own RINs. The conditions are strictly enforced and great care is taken to ensure that the separation is valid.

We ensure our RINs are valid using a very detailed quality management program, backed up by external verification. Our program is detailed on a separate website located here: TradeValidRINs