Southeast Biodiesel manufactures Biodiesel at our facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.
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Our philosophy is to gain long-term commercial sustainability by providing local and national benefit through the recycling of waste materials, thereby reducing the need for fossil fuels, while being a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. 

Our fuel is used in combination with diesel and kerosene for:
On-Highway Transportation
Off-Highway Transportation
Heating Oil
We can supply biodiesel pre-blended with No.1 or No.2 petrodiesel at the following biodiesel concentrations:

B100 (100.0% Biodiesel)
B99.9 (99.9% Biodiesel)
B79.9 (79.9% Biodiesel)
With our petrodiesel blending partners we can offer blends from B1 to B25.

Southeast Biodiesel can be contacted at 843.746.9007 and/or 

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Southeast Biodiesel Location

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