As a novel component of this year's Informatics 1 Object-Oriented Programming course, students have been developing projects in small teams. The culmination of this extended coding is the Show-and-Tell day, Monday 2nd April, where teams will get an opportunity to demo their projects. A small team of judges will view all the projects and award prizes.

The demos will take place in Computer Lab West, Appleton Tower Level 5. Pizza will be available around 16:15 in the Level 4 Open Area.

The team of judges consists of Jamie Coleman (Open Innovation Project, Director of Turing Festival), Keith Edwards (Informatics Ventures, Design Informatics Residencies) and Stephen Gilmore (School of Informatics), together with representatives from CompSocJona Duka, James HulmeOli KingshottDavid Fraser, and Maithu Venkatesh.

Organisation of the Show and Tell event has been coordinated by Wenqi Yao, Stephen McGruer and Jacob Essex.

Success of these projects owes much to the course tutors: Daniel Renshaw, He Wang, Yannis Konstas, Maciej Czubak, Mark Sinclair, Stephen Gilmore, Stephen McGruer and Wenqi Yao.


 14:00 Event Start
 14:15 Briefing
 14:20 Judging Round 1
 15:10 Hoppers Sponsored Raffle
 15:30 Judging Round 2
 16:15 Pizza & drinks
 16:30 Prize Giving