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8:00 – 9:00


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Paddling Together: All Libraries in Unison

Jim Tindall
Fryer, PhD
Freedom Writers

Katherine Harmon



Ready Set “W”e Read

Amy Page
Springfield School Dist

Technical Perspectives - Creating a One Stop Shop

Lynn Lary & Springfield Team



Dig Into Learning Express Library

Jen Maurer

Creating Multimedia Books

Wes Fryer




Stuart Levy

to the
RATT: Reading Advisory for Transitional Teens

Paige Battle



Get Graphic!

Traci Glass and Aimee Meuchel

Passionate Additions

Jerene Battisti and Angelina Benedetti



Elizabeth Rusch
handout 1, handout 2



Altered Books

Edith Fuller

OASL Retirees Session

Edith Fuller - Retirees


Room 1: Elementary Informal Sharing
Facilitator: Grace Butler

Room 2: MID/HIGH Informal Sharing
Facilitator: Linda Campillo

Paddling Together: All Libraries in Unison
Jim Tindall

Promoting your library requires a networking and partnering with your neighboring library communities. Our ability in moving among public, schools, academic, and special library staffs remains a large component of success in the marketing of our facilities and their services. In addition to learning strategies audience participants will have the chance to share his and her success stories.

Ready, Set, (W)eRead (All)
Presenter: Amy Page and Springfield Team

After receiving a small grant during the 2011-12 school year, a small team of media specialists worked with the Technology Services department to investigate the direction we would take to implement an eReader program, including decisions about ebooks, ereaders, and numerous other issues.  Ready, Set, W(e)Read

Learn how our district has implemented eReaders (iPads) to support struggling readers, including partnering with parents and sending devices home with students who do not have access to the public library or home internet access.

Dig Into Learning Express (All)
Jen Maurer

Learning Express offers a wide variety of resources for teacher and students:  eCourses, eTests and eBooks to help with reading, writing and math skill development; applications in Windows and Excel; resume writing ; and preparation for grade-level, college-entrance and career exams. Jen Maurer is a former teacher, and school and public librarian, who now works at the State Library.

Breakout 1: Creating Multimedia eBooks
Wes Fryer

Enhanced eBooks on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches can include audio, video, and interactive animations in addition to digital text, images and links. In this session we’ll view examples of different multimedia eBooks created by both professional authors as well as students. We’ll learn how to use a variety of tools including Apple Pages software, iBooks Author software, and iPad apps like “Book Creator” to create and share enhanced/multimedia eBooks. Participants will also learn how to use Calibre software (free) to convert standard eBooks into Kindle and other formats. We’ll discuss different websites and services for directly publishing your eBooks as well as on-demand print versions of books.

Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award (BCCCA) and Oregon Reader’s Choice  Award (ORCA) (All)
Presented by : Awards Committee Team Members

This session will present background information about BCCA and ORCA, plus hands-on resources, online links, book talks, book summaries, and ways to use book awards for literacy promotion.

Get Graphic! (6-12)
Presented by : Traci Glass and Aimee Meuchel 

OYAN ( Oregon Young Adult Network) will present their new best-of Graphic Novel list.

Altered Books (All)
Presented by : Edith Fuller

Fun and creative ways to turn old books into paper art projects.

Informal Sharing (All)
Collect your good advice, great lesson plans and best stories.Then grab that morning cup of coffee or tea and join us to share. This might be just the way to ease into a busy conference day. We’re offering two sessions, one for elementary and one for middle and high school.

Freedom Writers (All)
Presented by Kathryn Harmon
Engage students that are checked out, empower students to write their stories, enlighten students by reading about the greater world around them... Come and learn how to integrate the teaching methods of Erin Gruwell's Freedom Writers into your library or classroom. Speaker Kathryn Harmon is the first school librarian to be certified as a Freedom Writer Teacher.

Technical Perspectives - Creating a One Stop Shop
Presenter: Lynn Lary and Springfield Team
Technical Perspectives - Creating a One Stop Shop
We had a library system (Destiny) that was only accessible at school and the kids (and teachers couldn't even log in)...then there were the OSLIS resources...toss in a few ebooks (from so many different sources)...and you get the idea...accessing library resources hasn't been easy.

During the 2011-12, our district underwent a number of changes designed specifically to make all of our library resources available from a single point of entry. Learn how we have integrated resources from Learn360, Gale, Atomic Learning, Project Gutenberg, and Follett ebooks, into our library system and about how we can access these resources using either a traditional computer or via app from school and home.

Do your teachers know that their students can rate and review books in the school library system? Our teachers do and their students, starting in 2nd grade learn what it means to rate a book and how to write a good review without giving away the ending! In this session, we will  discuss strategies for integrating these resources into instruction and explore effective uses of technologies that promote student interactions with other readers and with online reading materials.

RATT!: Readers’ Advisory for Transitioning Teens, or How to Help Your Older Teens Graduate from Young Adult Literature
Presenters: Paige Battle, Grant High School and Joanna Milner, Multnomah County Library

Presenters will discuss how to suggest crossover books for older teens that are transitioning from young adult literature to adult titles. Participants will leave with an annotated bibliography and booktalks to share with students and colleagues.