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Who We Are

All About Us

We are a group of parents who have been ded
icating their lives to promote the welfare of the youth through the instigation of the founder of Mission Of Grace International for more than 30 years now. Mission Of Grace International, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 that has been operating nationally and internationally reaching out to young people in crisis. Those crisis have been parental, social, spiritual, academic, physical and mental. Mission Of Grace International believes that where there is a challenge there also is an opportunity to serve. Seeing that youths from every continent, country and community have challenges Mission Of Grace International has not hesitated to display her love and compassion. The degree of love and compassion that we have had for the population we serve has determined the degree of impact we have been having on our children. We will not stop investing in the youth until we see the last one of them reach his/her God-given dream. The youths have been expressing themselves, some quietly and others with a loud voice, but not all of us have stopped to listen. When every attempt to be heard and attended to have failed we tend to become rebellious. Why should we always to wait when things get bad to wake up? Wake up to pray? Wake up to denounce a wrong doing? Wake up to criticize?  Wake up to look for a solution to a problem. I have always thought that prevention is better than cure. Considering those observations Mission Of Grace International has  been creating an informal platform for your youth, where they could
freely express themselves and share their heart, their fears and their hopes, this building a strong foundation for a better future. We can be a model for a young child. We can counsel the next leaders today. We can contribute to the success of a child. MGI needs you to reach her goal.Please visit the Hot News page for an overview of some programs we have been developing.
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