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Soccer For Unity News

posted Oct 15, 2009, 8:02 AM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 2:46 PM ]

Soccer For Unity
is one of our major programs here at Mission Of Grace International. The program, depending on the means we have available takes place every year on July 4th. This program tries to gather every young people together regardless of their gender, color and nationality. As it states the program's chief goal is to build unity among the youth. Soccer is just one of the many ways to reach that goal. With Soccer For Unity we believe that problems like rejections, name calling, bullying (that cause school drop out) fear, mistreatment and many other kind of abuse can be solved and every child can be given a chance to dignity. Always Sharing What We Have And Do Now Certainly Will Make A Difference
Tomorrow: Socially, Professionally, Academically and Spiritually. What we have noticed in our communities which is a cosmopolitan one is that young people do not know each other: they don't know where each other comes from and what challenges they faced and are still facing today. One of the communities that strive to survive is the refugee community. Their integration within the American society if a proper orientation is not provided has always been a serious challenge. Therefore Mission Of Grace International through Soccer For Unity has been creating a one or two-day soccer championship in order to foster community and social integration. Participation to this program is free. Details to register are given on Soccer For Unity's main page.