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posted Jun 6, 2015, 12:07 PM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 6, 2015, 10:00 PM ]
Learning English in context is what motivated Mission Of Grace International to create CUCO (Catch-Up Catch At Once) promoting Contextual English. Teaching English in context consists in fetching from our cultures regardless of where we come from to make the learning of the language easy and enjoyable. The program targets mainly speakers of other languages. Nevertheless we have been encouraging English speaking groups too to join in for we all need to learn and we never stop learning. In addition to that we need each other. The success of Contextual English is found in the dedication and hardworking capability of our volunteers. Our students who are mainly immigrants to the major part of them, come from Africa.
The language has always been one of their greatest obstacles whether in education, socialization, spirituality and the economy. We have noticed that many of them have suffered from job related crisis when they could not respond in an appropriate manner to the job procedures. Going to the hospital has been compared for some to walking in front of an unbreakable wall. The need of interpreters in this case has almost always been unavoidable. We believe something can be and CUCO with Contextual English is striving to offer its contribution to solve our friends and youth dilemma.
Drop outs have been a national and international concern and Mission Of Grace International is committed to take this matter seriously. We have been researching the causes of this pandemic
and have been developing strategies to reduce it in the long run stop it. One of the causes of drop out from our research is bullying. Bullying must stop. Every child must have a chance to get his/her education in an environment free from violence, drugs, shootings and all sort of abuse. MGI is aware of the seriousness of the problem and what it is required of us all to ensure our children' s safety in their quest for education. It will take you and I to provide that safe environment with no exception. You could have been one of those kids shot at, abused, murdered, bullied...Now let's do our part. CUCO is a free program that we run every year depending on available means. Details of the program can be found on CUCO's page.