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With a variety of programs tailored for the advancement of every young person's dream and vision Mission Of Grace
International along with his founder believe that each one of us no matter who we are and wherever we come from at a point in our life have felt a deep need and sought for help and at the other hand we have felt broken in our hearts while seeing  a child in a serious need and moved with compassion and love to open our hands and help. This certainly describes you. Do not look any further. You have here a great opportunity to impact the life of a child through your gift of any size. You are a vital part of the success of a young person. Some of them might never see you one day, but you will have had a long lasting impact in the life of a child who will never forget you, because you have contributed to make him who he/she might have become. Some of the leaders that we know today might not have become who they are if people like you did not stretch your hand to help. Choose the program you are interested in and make your gift following our donation link. Thank you for your support

Excel Fund News

posted Jun 13, 2015, 3:36 PM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 13, 2015, 4:09 PM ]

This part has been reserved to explain to you, our partners that Mission Of Grace International, in order to reach her goal has a special fund that can and will only be gathered when you joyfully give. Excel Fund-Fund For Excellence will be used to assist students in desperate need either for school supplies, food, clothing as long a
s they maintain good attendance. Depending on our much we will be able to fund these projects we will add up to our list. Once you start making your financial donation either during our fund raising programs or online one of the above mentioned action will kick off, either providing school supplies or clothing etc... for our children. There is a great need among our children and they all depend on you so they can be able to overcome their academic challenges. The success of each and everyone of our children depends in part in you and one of the ways you can participate in their success is by give. As I said in one of the pages on this website there is no gift too small. Yours is very significant and I can't thank you enough for your generosity. Feel free anytime to use our donation link to make a donation of any size.


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David Moukon, founder of Mission Of Grace International recently traveled to Cameroon (Africa) his birth country after spending more than 10 years in the United States. While back home, David visited many different landmarks including the schools he attended like his elementary school (Ecole Publique de Ntui) and the middle school (CES de Ntui) at that time but now converted into a High School. At his elementary school David was moved and touched into his heart to see the devastated state in which the school is: steps to some classrooms are broken, some roofs have been blown away by storms, some classrooms are dusty and according to some teachers report, students have to vacate their classrooms
when it is raining and pack in other classrooms until it stops raining. And he (David) walked through the school hallway and was heartbroken to see its devastated condition. Having seen the condition of his school and certainly many other schools suffer from the same handicap, David has decided to create Save A School, Save Education (SSSE) because the condition in which our children study has a very serious impact on their education. Children can be equipped with dreams, visions, courage, hope and determination, but if the training and education infrastructures are lacking their whole education is jeopardized. SSSE is therefore here to assist in whatever ways possible schools in developing countries. You too can help and there is gift too small. Follow our donation link.  

Youth Education News

posted Jun 13, 2015, 7:12 AM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 13, 2015, 7:51 AM ]

Mission Of Grace International values the education of all our young people. The world has become a global village and it is virtually possible to know what is happening around the world without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Just with the click of a mouse news about Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and more are within reach today. Education-wise we have discovered the benefits of our young people traveling overseas. That experience will allow them:
  1. To connect with other students from other countries
  2. To connect with other cultures and learn from them
  3. To come in contact with other languages that they can learn and enrich their linguistic skills
  4. To connect with new families (hosts) and learn about life from another family's prospective
  5. To learn and get a short education training away from home in a classroom other then theirs and an environment they have never known before
  6. To pair with other students and teachers.
  7. Have fun traveling and discovering new places which can be a life-changing experience and even a turnabout in a child's education. The founder's of MGI recent trip to Cameroon has reinforced the goal of  the YEP (Youth Education Program). More about YEP can be found on her page.


posted Jun 6, 2015, 10:13 PM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 8, 2015, 7:11 PM ]

To be totally spiritual might sound odd at times, but it shouldn't be because when the toughest questions of life hit us and we have exhausted every man-made philosophy, reasoning and answer we need to turn to the Bible. Mission Of Grace International believes that the Bible is the of God and is reliable to answer the most difficult questions of humanity and solve the
problems that humanly speaking were said to be unsolvable. Young people just like every human being face a spiritual challenge every day and spiritual things should not be dealt with at the natural level. Instead all that is natural must be given a spiritual attention. Re-Generation was created to give an opportunity to the youth to connect to the Bible and each other through the principle of God's love and grace. The following facebook page highlights some of the activities held with the youths of Baltimore. Check us on 

Block News

posted Jun 6, 2015, 12:49 PM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 6, 2015, 3:33 PM ]

Care4ablock is a program created by Mission Of Grace International that targets young people within the blocks of our communities who suffer from mental depression, social prejudices, addictions, educational and home crisis due to parents conflicts, social injustices that led to the lack of efficient and sufficient sustainable resources. Everywhere and every time the program was carried out the down turn was very positive. With donations that Mission Of Grace has  been able to gather food, clothing, school supplies, counseling, social events have been offered in some of our communities.
 In each block of our city there is at least one child who suffers from a crisis. It is not always the absence  of  the willingness to be a successful man or women, or the desire to go to school and get some education. It is not always that those young people do not have a role model in life. What we have found from our research is that the youths in our blocks ARE NOT HEARD. Some have been whispering and others have been screaming, but their way of communicating with the adults have not been understood by those adults, because we have not gone down enough to their level to LISTEN to what they have to say. We have known young people after the flesh and have missed to identify the inner groaning in their hearts that they unfortunately outwardly expressed by abu
sive, violent words and to the extreme violent acts when they can no longer contain themselves.
Of course, man by nature is evil, but evil in every and any man can be dealt with.The root cause of the youth plight is therefore within, invisible and spiritual. Care4ablock in an attempt to rescue young people from the pit will continue to invest quality time in them, giving them room and an informal  platform to to express their concern shamelessly.For more information about Care4aBlock visit our facebook page at


posted Jun 6, 2015, 12:07 PM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 6, 2015, 10:00 PM ]

Learning English in context is what motivated Mission Of Grace International to create CUCO (Catch-Up Catch At Once) promoting Contextual English. Teaching English in context consists in fetching from our cultures regardless of where we come from to make the learning of the language easy and enjoyable. The program targets mainly speakers of other languages. Nevertheless we have been encouraging English speaking groups too to join in for we all need to learn and we never stop learning. In addition to that we need each other. The success of Contextual English is found in the dedication and hardworking capability of our volunteers. Our students who are mainly immigrants to the major part of them, come from Africa.
The language has always been one of their greatest obstacles whether in education, socialization, spirituality and the economy. We have noticed that many of them have suffered from job related crisis when they could not respond in an appropriate manner to the job procedures. Going to the hospital has been compared for some to walking in front of an unbreakable wall. The need of interpreters in this case has almost always been unavoidable. We believe something can be and CUCO with Contextual English is striving to offer its contribution to solve our friends and youth dilemma.
Drop outs have been a national and international concern and Mission Of Grace International is committed to take this matter seriously. We have been researching the causes of this pandemic
and have been developing strategies to reduce it in the long run stop it. One of the causes of drop out from our research is bullying. Bullying must stop. Every child must have a chance to get his/her education in an environment free from violence, drugs, shootings and all sort of abuse. MGI is aware of the seriousness of the problem and what it is required of us all to ensure our children' s safety in their quest for education. It will take you and I to provide that safe environment with no exception. You could have been one of those kids shot at, abused, murdered, bullied...Now let's do our part. CUCO is a free program that we run every year depending on available means. Details of the program can be found on CUCO's page.  

Strings News

posted Jun 6, 2015, 11:00 AM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 2:59 PM ]

Mission Of Grace International through 6Strings Acoustic Guitar is answering to many requests they receive almost daily from friends, relatives, coworkers, students and even adults without mentioning simple curious individuals about learning to play the guitar. What we thought about at the beginning was the venue and secondly how to find volunteers. Thankfully 6Strings Acoustic Guitar from her kickoff event had the privilege to welcome a few professional artists who helped the youths learn the basics of the acoustic guitar in a
friendly environment therefore contributing to one of MGI objectives: to create an
informal platform for young people to express themselves and for the educators and parents as well as the civil and faith base communities to effectively reach this generation of young people.
During that first event we noticed that a few gifts were stirred up. One of the reasons why we would like to carry such programs once a month it is because the youth requests and also to encourage the creative character found in every of our young people. Please join us next time. Our current venue is the Enoch Pratt Library in Southeast Baltimore. We have been offering this program free of charge. Registration and details are giving on 6Strings' main page.

Soccer For Unity News

posted Oct 15, 2009, 8:02 AM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 2:46 PM ]

Soccer For Unity
is one of our major programs here at Mission Of Grace International. The program, depending on the means we have available takes place every year on July 4th. This program tries to gather every young people together regardless of their gender, color and nationality. As it states the program's chief goal is to build unity among the youth. Soccer is just one of the many ways to reach that goal. With Soccer For Unity we believe that problems like rejections, name calling, bullying (that cause school drop out) fear, mistreatment and many other kind of abuse can be solved and every child can be given a chance to dignity. Always Sharing What We Have And Do Now Certainly Will Make A Difference
Tomorrow: Socially, Professionally, Academically and Spiritually. What we have noticed in our communities which is a cosmopolitan one is that young people do not know each other: they don't know where each other comes from and what challenges they faced and are still facing today. One of the communities that strive to survive is the refugee community. Their integration within the American society if a proper orientation is not provided has always been a serious challenge. Therefore Mission Of Grace International through Soccer For Unity has been creating a one or two-day soccer championship in order to foster community and social integration. Participation to this program is free. Details to register are given on Soccer For Unity's main page. 

Streets Soccer News

posted Oct 15, 2009, 7:59 AM by chaplain dave   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 2:47 PM ]

Soccer For Safer Street is Mission Of Grace's contribut
ion to the problem of safety in our streets and communities. There have been many different strategies to resolve the problem but yet it is still unsafe to walk in some of your streets at night and in some cases during the day. Gallup data from surveys in 143 countries in 2011 show that in those countries, including Italy, France, Australia, and the U.S., men are considerably more likely than women to say they feel safe walking alone at night in their communities. The results of the Gallup’s annual Crime Survey, conducted in 2014, found that 37%, of U.S. adults say they would not feel safe walking alone near their home at night. By gender, 45%, of women said they do not feel safe walking alone at night, compared with 27% of men. Mission Of Grace International is trying to promote street safety through soccer. The program cons
ist in organizing soccer training and tournament for young people in key communities. When the youths are involve in these activities not only do they get to learn something new, but also and foremost they escape the temptation to be trapped in immoral acts cause in part by isolation, laziness and solitude. Mission Of Grace has been depending on donors to carry this program on a yearly basis jointly with Soccer For Unity or in solo during the month of August. This program is free and details to register and learn  about the program can be found on The 3Ss' main page.

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