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November, 30th and December, 1st                            Porto Alegre (RS) - Brazil

    The Biomechanics and Kinesiology Research Group, together with the Exercise Research Laboratory of the School of Physical Education of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul were two pioneers in the study of Sports Biomechanics in Brazil. Over these two decades, the number of papers published by our researchers in this area increased substantially, providing relevant scientific information to Sports Biomechanics.

    Given the fact that two mega sports events will be held in Brazil in the coming years (FIFA's World Cup and the Olympic Games) and the Federal Government is increasing the investment in sports, it is important that the knowledge produced by Sports Biomechanists worldwide can be shared among working professionals of the area of Sports Sciences. This will allow the growth of Sports Biomechanics and of Sports Sciences in general, as new ideas, new techniques and new technologies will be available to those professionals. In this sense, the International Symposium on Sports Biomechanics (ISSB) becomes very important, as it is a unique opportunity for students and professionals to get together to talk, discuss and learn the novelties of this area.

    The ISSB 2012 will bring some of today's most renowned scientists in the field of Sports Biomechanics.

    This is the third International Symposium organized by our research group, and we hope that this initiative helps in the development of Biomechanics in Latin America and worldwide. Previous events included the Brazil-Germany Symposium of Sports Biomechanics (2010) and the Brazil-Italy Symposium of Surface Electromyography (2011). Similar to our previous initiatives, we will broadcast all lectures live through the internet. Therefore, even if you cannot come to Porto Alegre for the event, you can watch our speakers on line, ask questions and participate from any part of the world. Learn more about the live broadcast by clicking on the link "Online Broadcast" on the left menu.

We look forward to seeing you in Porto Alegre!

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    See you soon!

    Organizing Committee of ISSB

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