News for G2a5 persons

 I am sorry to report that your group was not involved in the many news events of the past year 

You actually have a new designation. The old G2a5 subgroup was moved, and you were renamed.  

All of you have been confirmed to have the two mutations that characterize your subgroup.  So there is no more testing to be done for any of you to refine your category status.

We do need someone within your subgroup to test for the new L223 SNP (G2a2).  We do not know if your subgroup is part of L223 or you are outside this group.  We had to move a number of men underneath L223 when it was found that they were a branch of L223.

As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.