News for general G2a3b2 persons

 I am sorry to report that your group was not involved in the many news events of the past year.  Part of the problem is that researchers are not yet accustomed to testing for L177, the defining mutation of your subgroup.

We have divided the general G2a3b2 subgroup into two categories:
(1) Those confirmed L177+
(2) Those only predicted L177+

For those confirmed L177, there is no additional testing available at present.    There are two subgroups of L177, but the marker value oddity that defines each occurs within the first 12 markers.  Everyone tests for the first 12 markers, and none of you had these oddities. We will continue to look for ways to subdivide your group.

For those of you only predicted L177+, we would like to encourage strongly the testing for L177 which only costs $29.  I cannot guarantee that you are truly L177 but you have marker values very similar to proven L177 men.  If L177 should prove unexpectedly negative in your case, it would be necessary to have the more expensive deep clade test to determine your actual G category.  Some caution here, however.  Only one person within a surname group needs to test because the L177 mutation is much older than your surname group.  The Harpers, Boones and Miller/Muellers have multiple men represented in the predicted L177 subgroup.

As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.