News for G2a3b1a4 persons

Through the generous support of a donor to Polish research from a different G subgroup, you find yourself in a new subgroup added in the past year.  Your subgroup consists of having the L640 and L641 SNP mutations.  Because your subgroup so far is so small, there is really no news from researchers who may not even yet be aware of the existence of your subgroup.

To put your subgroup in context, let me provide a short diagram of where you fall within the other relevant subgroups.

G2a3b1a (the L140 mutation) -- the largest G subgroup in Europe-- perhaps 80% of all G persons there. with 4 SNP branches
            G2a3b1a1 -- the U1 and L13 subgroup -- a large subgroup found both in the n.w. Caucasus and Europe
            G2a3b1a2 -- the L497 subgroup -- abt 40% of the European G men and not found outside Europe.
            G2a3b1a3 -- the DYS568=9 which will likely soon be renamed Z724 or Z1901subgroup -- almost all in Europe
            G2a3b1a4 --  YOU.  A so far tiny subgroup recently identified.

The additional testing for Mr Labuz showed you and he and not part of the Z724 group, and this solidly identifies you as a separate 4th SNP group.  However, we have extra testing to do with Z724 and with another SNP (Z1903) which we think is a subgroup of Z724.  A test for Z1903 is pending for Mr. Labuz to complete that analysis.

So presently we cannot recommend any additional testing that would identify another subgroup within your subgroup.