News for general G2a3b1a persons
We have considerable news to report this year for G2a3b1a subgroups. However, you all are listed in a very general status for G2a3b1a, and nothing can be reported unless you had completed testing for the subgroups which have different reports. I felt it was ok to list you in this G2a3b1a status because all your nearest matches in marker values belong to G2a3b1a subgroups, but they are typically quite varied, making it hard to choose the proper subgroup within G2a3b1a.
There has been much progress within the G2a3b1a subgroups because of the discovery of all sorts of new groups which have their own mutations. Having your sample up in this general predicted G2a3b1a category leaves you out of the action.
You belong to one of two situations:
Situation # 1 -- you are proven L140+ but you have not tested for all subgroups
Situation # 2 -- you are only predicted L140.
For those of you only predicted L140, it probably would be the most cost efficient way to determine your status is to order the deep clade test in the haplotree section of your results page at Family Tree DNA.   I cannot guarantee you are L140+ though this is quite likely.  So the L140 test is needed, and the deep clade test bundles together L140 and some of its subgroups.  But we have also added in additional subgroups in recent months that are not yet part of the deep clade test.  So I need to work with you on an individual basis as to what would be the best approach to additional testing.  None of you are likely to belong to the L497 subgroup of L140 because those folks have specific marker findings.  But the other subgroups can be generally unpredictable as to membership.
For those of you who are proven L140+, each of you is a specific case.  Some of you have had testing for some subgroups of L140 in varying combinations.  There are 8 subgroups of L140 so far identified.  Some of them you surely do not belong to, but this must be discussed individually.
As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.