News for G2a2b persons
Sorry! Your old G2a4 category was abolished recently.  Because of the confirmation that L223 constitutes a broader super group that includes you and the men of the new G2a2a (M286) and G2a2c (L293) subgroups, your subgroup had to be moved in order to be under L223 in the tree.
Your subgroup was involved in the biggest news of 2011 for G persons, namely that the mummified Iceman found in the Italian Alps shares your L91 (G2a2b) mutation.  Because he has been relialbly dated to a little over 5000 yrs old, this means that L91 is at least that old.  Since L91 is only a tiny fraction of the European population today, this is good evidence that your early L91 cousins in Europe were not too successful in populating the continent though they seem to have brought metal tools and agriculture to Europe from the Near East.  The Iceman's nearest relatives are said to be in Sardinia.  This provides some evidence also that the L91 men had seafaring skills.
Within the project, the eastern boundaries of your L91 subgroup have been expanded with the addition of a sample from among the Bakhtiari of western Iran.  So this tells us L91 has expanded beyond Europe, North Africa and Armenia, as was known earlier.
We have three types of G2a2b men.
(1) those who are confirmed L91+ (G2a2b) and negative for L166 and L167 and the marker oddity at marker DYF395s1 
(2) those who are confirmed L91+ but not tested for L166 and L167 and/or DYF395s1
(3) those only predicted L91+
For those of your tested for everything available, congratulations!  There is obviously nothing further to test at this point.  We continue, however, to look for ways to subgroup you.
For those confirmed L91+ men who have not tested for L166, L167 and DYF395s1, your help is needed to do this. DYF395s1 is found normally in men who have upgraded to 67 markers, but it can be ordered separately for only $7.20US.   Unfortunately we cannot predict who might have the L166 and L167 mutations.  The family with these is not really close to any of you, and the only way to confirm negativity for L166 and L167 is to test for them.
Finally, we have those of you only predicted L91.  We would like this grouping to shrink in size this year by having you test for the L91 mutation which only costs $29US.  You are listed as predicted L91 because your marker values are close enough to confirmed L91 men that it was thought safe enough to list you as predicted L91.  However, there is no guarantee you are L91.  Special consideration for the Clines and Mr. Giddens in the predicted group.  Someone with your surname has already been confirmed L91+, and you surely will be L91+ also.  L91 is much older than your surname group.
As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.