News for G2a2a persons.
Sorry!  Your old category was abolished recently.  You were pushed down the G tree one level due to the confirmation that L223 constitutes a broader super group that includes you and the men of the new G2a2b (L91) and G2a2c (L293) subgroups.
I cannot identify any news from research studies in the past year pertaining to just G2a2a men.  However, another G2a2 subgroup, L91, is known to contain the Iceman mummy.  It was mentioned by the researchers that the Iceman's nearest relatives today live in Sardinia.  In Sardinia, there is an unusual incidence of men with double DYS19 findings.  You share with the L91 subgroup this same double DYS19 in some men.  So it is possible that your ancestors were some of the earliest arrivals in Europe from the Near East some 5000 to 7000 years ago, but were not as successful as later arrivals in populating the continent.
We have added samples to your subgroup this year, but the subgroup within the project continues as an all British Isles grouping.   Several of you have surnames that are suspiciously French in origin ultimately.  We do know of one G2a2a man in Turkey who actually was the first man in the world found to have your M286 mutation.
We have two types of G2a2a men.
(1) those who are confirmed M286+ (G2a2a).
(2) those who are only predicted M286+.
For those of your confirmed M286, there is no more testing available presently.  We will continue to look for ways to further subdivide your subgroup.
Among those of you only predicted M286+, there is no need for those with the Wells and Ward surname to confirm your M286 status because this job has been done for you by others with the same surname.  This mutation is much older than your family, and all family members will have the same status as to M286
But for Misters Paine, Arbon and Alban, I cannot guarantee your M286 status.  There is a relative inexpensive way to determine your M286 status which only costs $29US by ordering M286 as a separate test.
As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.