News for general G2a2 persons.
Yours is a brand-new group.  The G2a2 as it existed last year has been eliminated because of the confirmation of the L223 SNP mutation as the mother group for three other subgroups, including last year's G2a2.
Because this is a new SNP, only fully confirmed as to its place in the G tree, researchers have not yet tested for it, and we do not know how many persons may be included in it.
We have two types of general G2a2 men.
(1) those who are confirmed L223+ (G2a2) but not tested for all the G2a2 subgroups.
(2) those who are only predicted L223.
The problem with not being full tested for subgroups primarily involves lack of testing for L293, the third subgroup of G2a2.  However, these L293 men have an odd finding at marker YCA which you lack.  So testing for L293 is not a priority recommendation for you.
Most of you, however, belong to the only predicted L223 (G2a2) status.  This is based overwhelmingly on the rare finding of two values for marker DYS19 among you.  This double DYS19 appears inconsistently among 3 of the 4 groupings within G2a2 men.  Unfortunately, I cannot predict whether you are truly G2a2a, G2a2b or instead G2a2 negative for these subgroups.  This can only be confirmed by the deep clade test and with the addition of the separate L223 test.  I would recommend the deep clade test first.  If you are found by the deep clade test to be within G2a2a or G2a2b, there would be no need to order the L223 tested because you would be guaranteed to have this mutation.
As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.