News for general G2a persons.
Of all groupings within the project, yours is the one we know the least about.  None of you is confirmed G2a and simultaneously negative for all the subgroups.  Much help is needed among you in defining your place in the G tree. If this had been done, specific news would be available for you.   
We have a good idea that virtually all of you do not belong to the G1 group because members of that G1 group so far all have a 12 value for the DYS392 marker.  You almost all have something different for that marker.  But you do not have specific enough marker value combinations or SNP testing to allow predicting which of the G2a subgroups is yours.  Some of you have tested negative for the G2a1 and G2a3 groups, but G2a2 is brand-new and only a few have tested for  G2a4's defining markers.
As mentioned in the general news section, if you are willing to better define your grouping, I will be glad to give individual recommendations and help. rayhbanks@cox.net.