News for G1c persons.
Before getting to your specific G1 subgroup, G1 in general today seems most common in Iran and the countries bordering it to the west. But G1 has spread out as far east as India, Siberia and China and west to western Europe. Late last year we learned from a study that there is pocket of G1 persons also in Armenia, similar to the G1 pocket of men found earlier in Kazakhstan. We only have limited information about these Armenian samples, but the Kazakh men have been in the G project and well tested. New studies also showed that G1 is otherwise rare in the Caucasus Mountains area north of Armenia. It is unknown if the new Armenian samples might fall within G1a or not.
There is exciting news for you this year, because you are being designated as part of a brand-new G1 subgroup.  There are quite a few persons already assigned to the new subgroup and there could be more added as the general G1 persons become tested for your mutations.  These mutations were found in a gentleman from Qatar who participated in the Walk through the Y Project within the last few weeks.  So we are still learning.  Preliminary information is that this is a subgroup that covers both Muslim and Ashkenazi men and its presence in the Middle East might have predated the origins of either of these religions.  This overlap with other groups is uncommon among the other G Jewish subgroups.
Your sample in the G project has provided valuable information. It is only by seeing as many samples as possible that new subgroups can be identified.
Because you have tested positive for  L830, L831, L832, L834 and L835 and are negative for the G1c subgroup characterized by having 12 for marker DYS446, there is presently nothing more for you to test.