Submission Information

We solicit three types of submissions to the symposium:

  1. Original Research: These papers present new research. We welcome both full-length papers (6 pages) and extended abstracts (1-2 pages).

  2. Research Overviews: These papers summarize previously published research by the authors, providing highlights of significant research in this area. We welcome full-length papers (6 pages).

  3. Open Problems: Submissions should motivate and explain an existing open problem in text analysis and information retrieval in biomedical domain. The main goal is to foster active discussion. We welcome extended abstracts (1-2 pages).

While papers will be accepted for oral and poster presentation, full-length papers will be given preference for oral presentation. Note that submissions are not double blind. Please include author information in your submission.

Note that publication at the symposium does not transfer copyright to AAAI, so authors will have the opportunity to publish their work in other venues.

Papers for the symposium will be collected and made into an AAAI technical report, which will be distributed to attendees on CD and included in the AAAI Digital Library. The issuance of technical report allows the work to be cited.


Submission Details

Full-length papers: Papers should be at most six pages long following the AAAI paper format.

Extended abstracts: Abstracts should be at most 2 pages long following the AAAI paper format.

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