40 Day Divine Diet ... wow !!!!

We did IT ... 40 Days ... now it is a Habit Life Style !!

Feeling Life to the Full !!

Experiencing GOD's Full Salvation !!

CAN YOU FEEL That ??!!


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40DDD Plan !! ---- 40 Day Divine Diet !!

(NOTE, this is an ALL you Can EAT Plan !!  You CAN Do It !!)


The typical America life span is 25,550 days !! (70 years)

40 days is less than 0.002 of that time, can you set aside less than ONE% of your days on earth to totally focus on GLORIOUS Living??  

Ephesians 1:11-12 = Message:

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.  

Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, HE had His eye on us, had designs on us for Glorious Living, part of the overall purpose HE is working out in everything and everyone. 


When ever God wanted to prepare someone for HIS Purposes HE took 40 days !!  

Will you allow HIM to teach you something with ONE% of your days - just 40 days ?? 


Can you give GOD ONE% of your days on earth ??  

ONE% to see a Sacrificial Miracle of 110% ??


-  40 days Noah’s life was transformed by of rain.

-  40 days Moses life was transformed by on Mount Sinai.

-  40 days Israel’s Spies were transformed in the Promise Land.

-  40 days David was transformed by Goliath’s challenge.

-  40 days Elijah was transformed when God gave him strength from ONE meal.

-  40 days the people of Nineveh were transformed by God’s call to change.

-  40 days Jesus was empowered in the wilderness.

-  40 days the Disciples were transformed with Jesus after HIS RESURECTION.


The next 40 days will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE if you will say, YES Lord- Amen.


“LET GOD TRANSFORM you into a NEW PERSON by changing the way you think.

Then you will KNOW what God wants you to DO.” Romans 12:2 (NLT) 

What is the Divine Purpose Plan ??


There was a Man Who was, and is, the most influential man that ever walked the face of the earth. In fact, today there are more people suffering, being tortured and die-ing for this Man than any other man in this world.  The majority of the people of this planet have been helped by Him and are being helped by Him. He was the very reason that all most all of the Universities and Hospitals were built in this world.  He has been the #1 inspiration of higher education, passionate wisdom and compassion on this planet. 


This Man did a 40 Day Divine DIET to prepare Himself to make a difference this world.  He said a time will come when those He has Divinely CALLED will do this Divine DIET too, so that they could be His tools of influence on this ever needing planet.  He encourages those who would walk in His self-less steps to DO this Divine DIET as a practice for the Divine future of sacrificial service to bring Peace to the earth.  He is asking His followers to live a SACRIFIAL life- His way to live life to the full.  Meaning and purpose only happens when our lives are poured out as an offering to Him in this world.  He said only a few will walk on His narrow road, a minority will only try to go through His small gate and very little will part take in His Divine Feast.  Do you hear the SPIRIT … His loving voice talking to us ?? 


You can enjoy the Heavenly benefits of this DIET that will bring eternal changes into your life and those around you.  If you truly want to make a difference in this world then you must try this 40 Day Divine DIET for it truly is a supernatural experience.  Many great Kings, Queens, Future Seers, Healers, Proclaimers and lowly Servants have promoted this Divine DIET.  In America most do not just TRY it to see if this Divine DIET truly has heavenly results.  Many will just think about it, talk about it, argue against it and allow their flesh to deny it.  The Creator of this Divine DIET mixed characteristics of pure Heavenly strength, pleasurable sacrifice, exercising of one’s discipline, practicing spiritual self-control, developing endurance, cleansing the mind, flushing the body and expanding the soul.


If you have made it to read this small paragraph then I believe you are ready to go to a Higher Level, you are ready to make a difference and you are ready to DO the 40 Day Divine DIET.  WARNING !!  

You must be lead by the SPIRIT to do this DIET or you will not accomplish the Miracles that it produces.  Life on earth is short, many are discovering how meaningless our lives are and this Divine DIET is sacred way to awaken one’s spirit to the Greater purpose of The Creator of the heavens and the earth.  Are you ready for a truly supernatural experience, a Divine call, a Heavenly purpose and a Reviving Awakening ??  The person writing the words that you are reading has done this 40 Day Divine DIET.  I feel fantastic, I feel ten years younger, I feel His Divine touch, health and healing.  My mind, body and soul are definitely growing up the heavenly levels which are sanctifying my existence and my Flesh is cleaning out by dropping over 20 lbs. !!  True food for the body is DOING The Creator’s will on earth … amen. ;-) 


Are YOU ready to Experience a MIRACLE ??

Millions of people PRAY, they ask The Creator for a FREE Miracle of Healing and HE answers us with wisdom, “ Truly nothing is FREE … it always costs someone. ”  The Creator has already given us the Miracle out of His Mercy, Grace and Love.  We have to OBEY, we have to DO something and we have to FOLLOW The Creator’s DESIGN especially if HE heals us.  Thousands of people that are doing the 40 Day Divine DIET have experienced HEALING over Heart Disease, CANCER, Diabetes, Arthritis, Allergies, Colds & Flu’s, Head Aches/ Migraines, Stomach Pains and so much more !!  

40 Days is nothing compared to 40 Years of PAIN … right ??!! 


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE !! 

This is a Spiritual Fight against the Flesh !!

5 Steps to start the 40 Day Divine DIET:

1. Your Creator’s CALL. 

You must personally seek your Creator to ask Him for direction, correction and help to do this Divine DIET.  For He is the only power that can make this DIET meaningful in Heaven and thus effect your earth.  You must have His personal approval before trying this DIET for He must be working through you in order to make this a successful journey in His omnipotent plan.  He will show you that His will for you is to KNOW Him first and to DO things for Him comes last and in fact doing things for Him will be effortless, natural and an unconscious series of events and circumstances. 

You will Live a Life that is “ Adventurously EXPENTANT !! ” 


2. Doctor’s TESTS.

You should visit your Doctor, get a physical with blood tests and tell them that you are going to do the 40 Day Divine DIET.  You can give them this paper and ask them to help monitor the positive results from a physical perspective.  At the end of the 40 Day Divine DIET, your Doctor will see the physical changes and will be a scientific witness to The Creator’s miraculous healing Design and Power.


3. Support Team.

You must find three or seven or twelve people who will DO this DIET with you.  This is a MUST and unless you are living on an island with only Divine DIET Food then most likely you will not be able to do this DIET.  The Creator’s will is that we be ONE, ONE with Him and ONE with each other.  Only a few really experience this and it is one of the greatest experiences on earth.  Ask and pray for your family to try it.  Only 40 days, a small time in life but the eternal benefits you will see.  Get your Support Team!!


4. Clean IT Out.

You must CLEAN your HOUSE Out !!  Get all junk, dead, fake, processed, dried, cheap and entertaining foods and drinks OUT of your HOUSE!!  Before this DIET starts to clean the Creator’s Sacred Temple, your body, you must clean your house out.  Get rid of all the White Killers: Animal FATS- Meats, DAIRY- Milk & Cheese, SUGARS- Candies, SALT- Can Foods and FLOUR- Breads & the like.  Get rid of all the Man Made Drinks- sodas, coke, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, sports drinks and the like.  Get rid of all the Man Made Drugs, Vitamins, Supplements and the like.  Ask your Creator, He will tell you what to get rid of, just take time to listen and He will speak … ahhhmen !!  He is the Master of purifying/ cleaning out the mind, body, spirit, soul, temple and HOUSE. ;-) 


5. Bring IT In.

Now that your house is cleaned out- you must replace all the dead items with Life Giving- Living things. Bring ALIVE Fruits and Vegetables into your home, bring in whole plant foods to make juices, smoothies and soups with.  We will talk more about this when we get into details of the DIET.  The 40 Day Divine DIET is all about getting GOOD In and BAD Out so you just started with your house so let’s get ready to do your body.  You will need a Juicer, a Blender, a Soup Pot that is not Aluminum and a Vegetable Steamer plus basic cutting knives and chopping boards.

DETAIL of  “ 40DDD ”: 


6am (+/-)         Breaking your Fast = Breakfast- BarleyMAX

8am (+/-)         Lemon Cleanse or Carrot Juice (optional)

10am (+/-)       FiberCLEANSE Drink

11am (+/-)       BarleyMAX or Carrot Juice

NOON (+/-)    Lunch = Munch Power- Fruit Smoothie (ALL you CAN Eat/ Drink.)

2pm (+/-)         BarleyMAX or Carrot Juice (optional)

4pm (+/-)         BarleyMAX or Carrot Juice

5pm (+/-)         Dinner = End of the Day- Hot Creamy Vegetable SOUP

6pm (+/-)         Fun EXERCISE

8pm (+/-)         Fruit Smoothie or Apple Juice (ALL you CAN Eat/ Drink.) (optional)

9pm (+/-)         FiberCLEANSE Drink (optional)

10pm (+/-)       Good Night SLEEP


Yes, the 40 Day Divine DIET is a LIQUID Diet!! 

The Son of Man did a 40 Day FAST of Water ONLY !!  When a Toxic and Polluted American Body does a 40 Day LIQUID Fast the Miraculous Body allows the Divine Healing Power to CLEAN its way out !!!! 


Specifics of the LIQUIDS:



IT is the easiest way to get Divine, Natural, Whole NUTRIENTS into the Human Body.  This one drink is the same as eating (5) American Salads.  Barley is a very old Plant from The BIBLE that has always kept People Healthy & it is more Powerful than Wheat Grass & it tastes better !! 

Goto: www.Hacres.com or CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use Health Minister #34687.

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Lemon Cleanse

Anyone can make this simple Healthy drink that will bring Divine Benefits.  It is an 8 ounce drink that has (2) Lemons squeezed into it, distilled water & a teaspoon of RAW Organic Honey.  Yes, it will make your lips pucker and your body will rejoice !!  E-mail me if you have any questions about a hand juicer. 


Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice has been one of the main drinks that have helped to Cure people from CANCER.  This (8) ounce drink is made with a Juice Machine/ a Juicer.  In takes about (8) Carrots to make 8 ounces of juice and when you drink it the nutrients go right into your body.  You would have to EAT 24 Carrots in order to get the same amount of nutrients in this (8) ounce drink and that is the POWER of Juicing !! 

E-mail me if you have any questions about what type of juicer you can get.  You can CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use Health Minister #34687 to ask them about the best juicers in the market today.


FiberCLEANSE Drink

There are (2) types of Fiber Drinks that I use, one is mild and one is very strong. Most Americans have MAJOR Digestive Problems and all of them need this Fiber Drink to clean the body out so healing and weight loss can start.  This is a must if you want to lose Weight or the loose the FAT at the lower stomach.  Many do not know that exercise is NOT the answer to a flat stomach … the answer is to Clean Out the LOWer Colon so the Body can get rid of the excess at the lower abs area.  Awesome step in Divine Health !!  Goto: www.hacres.com or CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use Health Minister #34687. 

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Fruit Smoothies

Farmer’s Markets is a great place to find items for smoothies.  Fresh, vine ripen is the Divine way to bring Life into your Living Body.  A basic smoothie that I consume is (2) organic bananas, distilled water, organic apple juice, (1) large organic apple, creamy soy or almond ice cream and a scoop of ice.  

If I am on the run I can always buy a smoothie at Jamba Juice (www.JambaJuice.com).  I get most of my smoothie ingredients from Trader Joe’s, they have frozen fruit, organic soy milk, pre-made smoothie’s and healthy ice creams. (www.TraderJoes.com)  Have fun, experiment and again fresh- organic and alive is always where Life is.  Sow in ALIVE Life and your will REAP Life to the FULL. ;-) 


Creamy SOUPS

Okay, here is the secret of staying on this Divine DIET.  You can make Creamy SOUPS very easily and the creations are ENDless.  Yes … we are stuck on Dead Foods, we were raised on Dead Foods and very very very FEW people can make a decision to be a Raw Vegan and it is surprising that most that are Raw Vegans are NON-Christians.  My favorite SOUPS are Tomato, Carrot, Corn, Red Bell Pepper, Asparagus and Broccoli cream soups.  That is where your Vegetable Steamer and Blender comes in.  Steam any vegetable that you like and them put it in the Blender with water or organic soy or almond milk.  I use organic tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, celery and corn to make a creamy vegetable soup.  You can even get some CANNED or Restaurant soups that are Vegetarian and put them into a BLENDER for creamy Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Thailand soups.  Again, Trader Joe’s is a great place to get ingredients to make some awesome creamy soups and the Farmer’s Markets are great for organic vegetables.  I am having a blast making all kinds of creamy soups, I love the Thai style that is hot and spicy but most cannot handle it.  O-well, that just means more soup for me right ??  Again, e-mail me for my secrets but they are really not secrets and anyone can have fun making Healthy Soups. ;-)   



Creamy Organic RAW Honey is a great way to feed your sweet tooth.  If you always need a DESERT then put about a TEASPOON of Honey in your mouth and let it melt your cravings away.  We also like a MELON Smoothie that tastes so sweet you will think it must be bad for you.  We us water melon, honey dew and cantaloupe melons with their juice in a blender with scoops of creamy soy or almond milk ice cream.  You can make Ice Cream Types of Deserts with Frozen Bananas, a few Dates and some Organic Raw Honey … it is so good!!  Remember SUGAR is a big cause of many Sicknesses and it feeds many Diseases so if you are already having Health problems you should stay LIGHT on the Sugar. ;-) 




I am very PASSIONate about this Divine DIET, I have seen and experienced many MIRACLES and that is why I want everyone to try it.  Some would say 40 days is a long time and this is why the 40 days are so very important.  The first 4 days are the hardest but You CAN Do It !!  When you reach the 21st day of the DIET … IT becomes a HABIT and at the 30th day your body starts to leave the Starvation Mode and real WEIGHT LOSS starts to happen.  One truth of this DIET is to live ONE Day at a time … ONE Day. ;-)    

NOTE you might get SICK, this is GOOD thing, your Body was designed to get Sick because it is the Creator’s way to clean out the body and MAN’s way is to stop this by taking DRUGS that have Deathly side effects. ;-(  BUT you can still use a Doctor for help and self monitoring but do not give into the Drugs … ask your Doctor to help you to “ Say NO to Drugs ” and most will. ;-) 


The Creator said,

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough concerns in itself,

I will take care of you, you are very valuable to ME and I Love YOU.” !!!!!!!   

This DIET teaches you to Trust/ to have Faith, makes you exercise Self-Control and it builds your Endurance.  PLEASE feel free to contact me, I will serve you in anyway that I can and I pray that God will use me to BLESS your Life and I promise if you DO the 40DDD you will be BLESSED !! 


JOIN Us … we have set the DATES !! 

**** Monday 14 January 2013 to Friday 22 February 2013 !! ****


Daniel C. Docto aka Khru “Doc” - docthailand@gmail.com

Life or Death is a DAILY Choice. ;-) 
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OKAY, OKAY, for those of you who could not do the 40 Day Divine DIET there is another DIET that was promoted by the Prophet DANIEL.  This is an ALL You CAN Eat DIET that produces Heavenly results too.  

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A GREAT COMBO that will connect you with LIFE to the FULL!!!!


Pastor Rick Warren and “The Purpose Driven Life”- get his book and read or RE-Read it as a COMBO for a complete 40 DAY JOURNEY for Life, Jesus and the Father’s Glory.

www.purposedrivenlife.com - http://www.purposedrivenlife.com/contact.aspx

info@purposedrivenlife.com ; purposedriven@ezernetinc.com


Ephesians 1:11-12 = Message:

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.  

Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, HE had His eye on us, had designs on us for Glorious Living, part of the overall purpose HE is working out in everything and everyone. 

JOIN Us … we have set the DATES !! 

**** Monday 14 January 2013 to Friday 22 February 2013 !! ****


Warning !! If you are now under a Doctor's Care, you are Sick and/ or Diseased you must Educate yourself and talk to your Doctor and ask them to HELP you make some changes to Live in Divine Health.  Talk to your Doctor and you will be a witness of the Creator's Divine Design = the FULL Salvation of God ... ahhhmen !!  

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