ABOUT T2 Volleyball

T2 Beach Volleyball was created to start a new movement of beach volleyball in the okanagan. With the changes in clubs and organizations around the okanagan, volleyball was not at the center of attention like it once was when my Dad, Jim Stone was running SOVA and running fun events for everyone. My club was originally started to run similar events with a new age brought to them, 2 on 2 beach volleyball needed to be promoted, and so I saw a door to open. 

Now we have incorporated training and a volleyball club to my movement, and have a lot of people involved either playing in my club, coaching, or helping me run it. We have a summer club that is growing fast, and we have our annual tournament in Penticton, BC. There are Camps and Clinics offered each season with different coaches involved at each one. There are over 70 kids taking part in the club and we are looking to grow that number each year. But most importantly we want to help them grow into great athletes as well as people. Volleyball has brought me to where I am today, and I believe it can take anyone anywhere they want to go with it.

With the help of sponsors and community leaders T2 Volleyball is reaching out to kids and helping their skills develop, as well as providing entertainment for the community as well as the volleyball fanatics. In the past year we have incorporated the music world into the Club, running 3 big music events at the Bohemian Cafe in Kelowna. We were able to fundraise over 3000$ to go towards the club! 

We are 10 times as excited to bring you the 2011 season, since we have many more additions to the club. Hopefully we will blow you away and keep everyone having fun!