Message from Minister

Minister SHEN, Stephen Shu-hung

Minister of Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan

Welcome all to the city of Taipei – The host city of the 2011 Regional working group meeting on environmental information. 

The goal of the Regional Working Group on environmental information is to provide a forum for further information exchange and capacity building in the field of environmental information, which serves as a precursor for environmental strategy and policy making.

The contents and discussions will cover data collection, data exchange, data life cycles,and use to promote global collaboration and share regional experience and expertise. Attendees will discuss current status, needs, challenges, solutions and lessons learned in the area of environmental information.

Coincided with Taiwan's centennial celebrations, I wish this meeting, under the join leadership of Taiwan EPA and the US EPA, a very productive one and fruitful success. I also wish our guests happiness and prosperity. Enjoy your stay in Taipei!