Navajo Nation Government 

Today, the Navajo Nation is striving to sustain a viable economy for an ever increasing population that now surpasses 250,000. 
For years, Navajoland appeared to be a desolate section of the Southwest, but it was only a matter of time before the Navajo Nation became known as a wealthy nation. The discovery of oil on Navajoland in the early 1920's meant a more systematic form of government was needed. 
The Navajo Nation Flag
Surrounded by a guardian rainbow, the image of the land is bounded by the four sacred mountains. The seal in the center contains symbols for resources and livelihood cradled in corn stalks. The original reservation boundaries defined in 1863 appear in dark brown, divided by the Arizona - New Mexico border than trends north-south. The areas in tan enlarged the reservation in a series of acts that followed and represent the Nation as it is today.