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Dora Toys For Girls

dora toys for girls
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Dora's Dinosaur Rescue
Dora's Dinosaur Rescue
I decided to try to have a little fun with a still life today. I'm trying to read "The Artist's Way" right now, because, aside from the sketchbook thing, I'm feeling a little creatively blocked. I don't really know which direction to take my art, now that the show season is over, and I've done this big, serious, exhausting commission. I feel like I tend to take myself and my art a little too seriously anyways. I probably just need to marinate for a while, but I still feel driven to paint, I just don't know what or how...At any rate, the Artist's Way talks about nourishing your Inner Child as a way of getting I brought out the toys:) And since the theme for this sketchbook is Girls and Boys, I grabbed some girl toys and some boy toys. This tense standoff is what ensued, lol!
wasteful packaging: Dora doll playset
wasteful packaging: Dora doll playset
Product: Dora's Explorer Girls play set Manufacturer: Mattel Location: Toys R Us Materials: plastic, cardboard, metal, tape Ratio: maybe the empty space again. My pet peeve: bad toy packaging!! If sustainability starts with education, what are we telling our children with this mess? Huge amounts of plastic and cardboard (not even sure if it's post-consumer) for a small amount of doll, doll clothes, and or playset. *** This one drives me seriously nuts. Does a small locker, desk and chair need nearly a foot of plastic-enclosed shelf space? (Note the "dolls" are in fact cardboard--the only product here is the locker, desk, chair, and blackboard. The rest is packaging.)

dora toys for girls
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