Retro Toys Sale

retro toys sale
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Toys In The Attic
Toys In The Attic
Super Mix and Sewmate! Woo-hoo. I loved second-hand stuff even as a kid and these two items were garage sale finds. Mom and dad where scouting for antiques and I was finding this stuff. I thought it was so cool that they had lots of metal on them, compared to the plasticy stuff in the stores at the time. Both made in Japan and battery powered. I love that bright red shiny machine. Digital photo. (2008)
vintage basket garage sale find
vintage basket garage sale find
Lana is checking out their new carrier. I also found the little lamps at the same garage sale. It was late in the day--50% off! I filled up the basket with goodies--retro canisters, toy kitties, pumpkins for less than $10 including the basket! It's vintage Hawkeye basket with a removeable wooden bottom. Perfect to stash clothes or shoes on the bottom, dollies safe on top. I love a steal!

retro toys sale
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