Pictures Of Victorian Toys

pictures of victorian toys
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1857 Ambrotype of "Girl Holding Her Izannah Walker Doll"
1857 Ambrotype of "Girl Holding Her Izannah Walker Doll"
This is my football bet winning prize. My friend Bob lost on the Patriots game and owed me $50.00. When I finally went to his house to collect he offered me this ambrotype in a damaged thermoplastic case with 3 other family picture. Of course I said yes and here she is! And here is more information about the doll she is holding. Izannah Walker (1817 to 1888) of Bristol, Rhode Island was one of the earliest known female dollmakers in America. Her cloth dolls were all handmade by herself and her sisters, and each doll possesses a distinct and recognizable style. They are three-dimensional works of art in a similar style to that of contemporary portraits. Izannah applied for, and received, a patent for her unique doll design in 1873. In recent years, the obvious beauty of Izannah's dolls has attracted quite a following. There has even been an Izannah Walker doll featured on a postage stamp in the "Classic American Dolls" series in 1997. Thank you Fluffy Chetworth!!
Victorian Lady
Victorian Lady
The Great Eras Collection - 1996 Collector Edition.

"It was a time when dainty ladies wore velvet and lace, and never had a hair out of place. Meet Victorian Lady BarbieĀ® doll from The Great ErasĀ® Collection. She's dressed in an authentic velvety Victorian gown, with loads of ivory lace and an elegant bustle. Lovely mauve rosettes accent each side of her rich burgundy dress. Her long, dark hair is braided in the back and styled into a demure Victorian up-do. From her long, rooted eyelashes to her marabou headpiece this Collector Edition doll is a picture of Victorian propriety."

pictures of victorian toys
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