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Mcfarlane Toys Website

mcfarlane toys website
    mcfarlane toys
  • McFarlane Toys, a subsidiary of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., is a company started by Todd McFarlane that makes highly detailed models of characters from movies, comics, musicians, video games, and sport figures.
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Seconds from the end...
Seconds from the end...
My multi-player Spartan in Halo 3. This is the Hayabusa armor set and energy sword. Details: The purpose of including these screenshots in the Photostream is two-fold. First, these are good reference images for viewers of my Halo 3 set to go along with the action figure photos I have here. As more action figure photos are added to the set, I'll throw in the occasional screenshot as well. I think it will make the set more interesting overall. Second, I wanted to comment on the technology that is being used to generate these images. The developer of the Halo 3 game (Bungie) has provided tools to players that allow them to essentially be photographers in the game. Games that have been previously played can be watched again in the "Theater" mode. You can view the game from any angle, slow the action down, stop the action, etc. Once you have framed the shot you want, click and shoot...just like your favorite camera. These shots can then be copied out to your computer via the website. Great fun all around.
SPAWN VS. AL SIMMONS DELUXE BOXED SET (ISSUE 86 COVER ART) SPAWN SERIES 27: THE ART OF SPAWN Locked in a heated battle, Al Simmons and Spawn, two entities who are one fight against each other in a struggle for control over their future. This Deluxe Boxed Set includes both Al and Spawn in an amazing re-creation of Greg Capullo's stunning artwork from the cover to Spawn #86. got this description from the website Enjoy the review=) Ps: sorry i couldnt manage to shoot Al Simmons as well, cus the stand for him was missing

mcfarlane toys website
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