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Cheap Kids Toys Wholesale

cheap kids toys wholesale
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? digital camera for kids camera original editional
? digital camera for kids camera original editional
Specifications this camera is designed for child , beacuse there are many cartoon persons on the camera for example : micky ,white snow princess .ect this is good present for your child. Materials : ABS Model: magic mirror Memory: can store 50pcs pictures Smile shot: LED curve take pictures on power 0n / off: press the shutter button power on automaticly , and power off 30 minutes after without operation battery: one piece Number seven dry cell/ battery camera size: 70.0x 48.0x 16.0mm Package size 230mm*160mm*40mm Style : micky style ,princess style ,car style ,and toy supper man style What`s in the box For more details please visit

cheap kids toys wholesale
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