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  • Cuddly Toys were an new wave band from Ireland that grew out of the glam rock-influenced punk rock band The Raped.
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52.21 Toy Story - The True Tall Tale of a Rottweiler Named Prancer
52.21 Toy Story - The True Tall Tale of a Rottweiler Named Prancer
How does a Rottweiler, albeit one of a cuddly variety, end up with the name ‘Prancer’? It hardly fits the image of such a ferocious dog, one would have thought. It’s hardly the perfect name for such a beast. It all began when a little girl called Beth, who was three at the time, went out shopping with her Mummy one Christmas. At home with her Daddy was Beth’s new baby sister, Evie, and Beth wanted to buy Evie a very special first Christmas present. So off went Beth and Mummy to Toys R Us to find that perfect gift. Beth looked down the board games aisle. No suitable toy was to be found. She looked down the computer games aisle. No suitable toy was to be found. She looked down the bikes aisle. Still no toy suitable for her wee baby sister. And then she looked down the cuddly toy aisle. Her eyes lit up at all the cuddly goodness on display before her. Then her eyes lit upon the softest, roundest, floppiest toy with the biggest, kindest eyes she had ever seen. Little three-year-old Beth had no notion that this cuddly dog was in fact a scary Rottweiler. As far as she was concerned, she had just discovered the perfect present for her wee sister. As she snuggled it to test it out, Beth discovered that it was indeed perfect. Really perfect. Totally perfect. No toy could, in fact, be more perfect, thought Beth, as she got lost in the warm, soft snuggle that she and this cuddly dog were sharing. ‘Let’s buy this for Evie, Mummy!’ pleaded Beth. ‘Okay, honey,’ replied Mummy. But Mummy, being the astute judge of character that she is, quickly realised that the chances of Evie actually ever getting anywhere near the dog were somewhere between nil and zero. This dog was only ever going to belong to one little girl, and he had already been introduced to her in the cuddly toy aisle of Toys R Us. ‘What will we call him?’ asked Mummy. Beth thought for a moment. She and Mummy had just been reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ before leaving to go shopping, and Beth had been amazed to discover the number of different reindeer that Santa would use to fly his sleigh. But one name stood out from them all to little Beth, and so, however the cuddly Rottweiler felt about it, he was destined to be called Prancer from that point on. Oh, Beth, Mummy and Daddy lived with the pretence that Prancer was a gift for Evie for a day or two. But everyone knew to whom he really belonged. Beth and Prancer. Prancer and Beth. They were made for each other. In case you’re wondering, Evie did get her own cuddly Rottweiler a few years later. And his name? Prancer, of course. And the circle was completed last week when Sophie got her own cuddly Rottweiler too. His name? Do you really have to ask? For in our family, this breed of dog (even, rather worryingly, when we meet the real variety in the street) is actually known as a Prancer. And how does Prancer feel about his name? We’ll never know; he’s the strong silent type, who only ever spoke in Beth’s voice when she decided as a younger child to talk through him. But from the way his stuffing has moulded from cuddles over the years, and from the way even to this day he folds himself around Beth’s neck at night when she sleeps, he seems more than happy with the arrangement. It seems just perfect.
Berlin. Everything you need to survive in the city. "Some batteries, a cigarette lighter, a mosquito spray can, some (warm) softdrinks, a cuddly toy, lots of diapers, the new playboy and of course fifty lanyards, please..."

buy cuddly toys
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