Best Toys For 6 Month Old Baby

best toys for 6 month old baby
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I can't believe that he is gonna be 9 months old next week. He is growing too fast. He is all boy and so very active. He can be so sneaky and has figured out how to open the gates if we don't lock them. He eats everything, all day long all I do is pull stuff out of his mouth. He has even started taking his first steps, just a few steps here and there, but still WALKING... I am in shock! Today he walked like 6 steps to get to his toy box, although he is not too interested in walking because he knows he is faster crawling. He loves to eat, we will stuff him with baby food, and seconds later he is begging for food off our plates (like a little puppy). He laughs all the time, when he is playing by himself I can hear him doing these cute little nervous giggles. It is so amazing watching him learn and grow, I love getting to know him. I am the luckiest Mommy ever, he is the best baby...and we just couldn't be happier or prouder of our little Tuna. 11-9-07
baby shoes
baby shoes
I forgot that I bought these tiny shoes on e-bay for like $2.00 with this pic. in mind, so when I found them while organizing baby stuff yesterday, I moved my couch out of the way of the window, layed on the toy bench and had my 14 year old daughter take this picture for me. This will probably be my last maternity picture, the doctor wants to induce me on Thursday, October 14th. I have had 6 babies, all natural, never been induced before, so I am a little freaked out, but my deliveries are all so quick, my last baby was about 12 minutes from start to finish and she was born on the bedroom floor. We don't want to risk me going into labor while hubby is at work, the kids are in school, and I am all alone with my 21 month old, so this is probably best. There are many pictures that I wanted to get but didn't but I am too exhausted now, and will be spending the last week of my pregnancy getting last minute things done, and trying to keep this baby in :)

best toys for 6 month old baby
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