Create, Customize, Collect with iPads and Google Forms

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Dean Phillips 
Technology Integration Specialist
Montana Region IV

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Want to follow along? This is a link to the presentation.

Google Forms

View a step by step tutorial that will guide even the novice user through successfully creating a customized Google form. (This Google Doc can be saved for offline viewing)

iPad 101

View a step by step tutorial that will guide you through the basics of using an iPad in a wireless environment.

Sample Forms

Here you will find numerous examples of Google Forms that have already been created for the educational setting. Click on the link below each form to save your own copy!


Documents that support collecting and using data to drive decisions in an educational setting.


Not getting enough? Explore some of these ideas in conjunction with Google Docs. 

Today's Backchannel

Please use Google Moderator for our backchannel today. Please post your questions and someone will attempt to find you an answer.