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Pdk Fundraising Toys And Games

pdk fundraising toys and games
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Dear all, It occurred to me last night that, being a supply teacher in several different schools and doing volunteer youth work in my free time, I will never again have as much contact with as many children (and therefore parents) as I do right now. So if there’s ever going to be a time in my life to do a sponsored fundraising event, now’s the time it would probably be the most lucrative. Question 1: what kind of fundraising event could this be? It would really have to be something that can be completed within the next month (just in case I get a full-time job by Easter), so it can’t really be something I’d have to train for over several weeks. Sky-diving/bungee-jumping is doable, but even if I had the guts I’ve no idea how to go about organising them. The idea of a 48/72-hour fast has also occurred to me, but seems a bit daft (and not the kind of thing schools would be keen to promote). Bizarre ideas that would make the news would also be welcome, as long as they’re suggestions I could seriously consider doing. =) Question 2: I’m in the middle of deciding between raising for Barnardo’s and the National Autistic Society. Everyone in Britain knows who Barnardo’s are, and the awesome work they do with thousands of abused children and those who haven’t had a good start to life. The NAS also does some brilliant work, campaigns for awareness a lot and provides support to those with autism/autistic loved ones. And although it helps a more selective group of people, it’s nowhere near as well-known and possibly needs the money more. The question is, do I donate to the charity who does more widespread work, or the one with less money? Thanks for reading (and I’m assuming you did if you’re reading this sentence). So, 1) What kind of event, and if it’s something that needs proper organising how would I do it? 2) Barnardo’s or NAS?
Finns Fudge Fundraiser. This fundraising idea allows you to buy fudge at a wholesale price and on-sell to family and friends for a profit for your club, sports team or school.

pdk fundraising toys and games
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