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Best Of The Best Toys

best of the best toys
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one of the best toy traffic lights ever manufactured
one of the best toy traffic lights ever manufactured
Anyone who has ever seen the movie "Citizen Kane" will understand when I say that this toy is my "Rosebud." This battery-operated traffic light was manufactured by Buddy L- the year 1967 is on one of the boxes, but the one my parents bought me was from around 1970 or so. I just thought it was the best toy I ever had (I always had a thing about traffic lights!) When Buddy L discontinued the item, I recall writing a letter to them hoping they'd reconsider and start making them again; I was around 8 and VERY idealistic! The company was very kind in that they actually did reply and sent me a catalouge of their newer toys. Thank goodness for ebay because I found two of these, in MINT condition yet- and still operational!
Long before there was Best Buy, there was a chain called BEST. I remember going to the one in Mesquite, Texas, when I was but a wee lad. My first Casio keyboard was purchased there, as well as many of the electronics, toys and home accessories that filled my childhood. Cut to this morning. I was driving around Northridge, trying to waste some time before my appointment with the chiropractor. I was early as usual. And what do I find? A deserted BEST store. A trip down memory lane and things past for sure!

best of the best toys
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