Welcome to our Biology MCAS Support Site
While this site has been updated since it was first launch, we are very grateful to Juanita Shaffer-Ratzlaff for the original creation of this site which has some great resources.  Ranging from performance indicators (a must-read for all teachers and students) to online content links, this site provides valuable supports for both teachers and students.
How you will assist your students in preparing for the MCAS Biology Exam will vary given whether you are doing in-class or after school review sessions or how much time you have to review.  However, there are some common components of such review sessions given our experience and that of our teacher leaders and participants in our district-wide work a few years ago.  All good review programs include the following:

Common Components of MCAS Review Programs
*  Pre-assessment of students -- what do students know and with what are they struggling
*  Use of the standards and the performance indicators which makes teachers and students aware of what they
    need to know for the MCAS Biology Exam
*  A Plan (meeting schedule and review topics and actions for each session)
*  Experience with the Multiple Choice and Open Response Questions 
*  Practice, Practice, and more Practice -- the more students practice, the more familiar they are with the feel
    and format of the questions and strategies they need to answer such questions. Teachers can use
    old MCAS questions for Do Nows, exit slips, unit exam questions, etc. 
*  For the Open Response questions -- sharing and analyzing the student responses supplied by
   the State (student can see what a level 4 response includes and compare it to their own response, etc.)
*  Communication with students/parents/caregivers and families regarding the importance of the attending
    review sessions, completing homework, and the seriousness of exam itself. 


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