Investment Track

investment track
  • An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result
  • investing: the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
  • outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism
  • The action or process of investing money for profit or material result
  • A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future
  • the commitment of something other than money (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result; "this job calls for the investment of some hard thinking"; "he made an emotional investment in the work"
  • observe or plot the moving path of something; "track a missile"
  • The sport of running on such a track
  • carry on the feet and deposit; "track mud into the house"
  • path: a line or route along which something travels or moves; "the hurricane demolished houses in its path"; "the track of an animal"; "the course of the river"
  • A rough path or minor road, typically one beaten by use rather than constructed
  • A prepared course or circuit for athletes, horses, motor vehicles, bicycles, or dogs to race on
investment track - Practical Investment
Practical Investment Management (with Stock Track Coupon)
Practical Investment Management (with Stock Track Coupon)
PRACTICAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT is intended for learners studying investments for the first time. Very practical and applied, it is comprehensive enough for those who plan to become Certified Financial Analysts, but remains user-friendly due to its clarity of explanation and its pedagogy. The book contains all standard topics found in the typical modern investments text, but in addition, several chapters of Practical Investment Management are unique. In addition to being an increasingly important asset class, mortgage-backed securities provide some thought-provoking questions on fixed income valuation. Bob Strong has an engaging writing style along with practical experience making this a very solid, yet very friendly, book for readers.

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Warren Buffett eBay lunch on track for new record
Warren Buffett eBay lunch on track for new record
Entrepreneurs hoping to catch the attention of Warren Buffett have stormed the eBay bidding lot for a lunch time with America’s wealthiest man. The price of a private lunch with the revered investor is on track to topple last year’s USD 2.6 million bid, and set a record for the most expensive charity item ever sold on eBay. Bidders have until this evening to make their best bet, in the hope of winning a few hours to talk on their own chosen subject with Buffett. The only topic out of bounds being Buffett’s next investments at Berkshire Hathaway, his investment conglomerate. All proceeds will go to the Glide Foundation, which provides social services to the poor and homeless in San Francisco.
Finding Fast Tracks S0669e
Finding Fast Tracks S0669e
Hoping to find the fast tracks to worry-free retirement. Working hard in a regular pay job and having good habit of savings are not enough for retirement these days. You need to have very good investment skills so that your savings can grow and grow and grow in order to keep up with the pace of inflation or even out-grow the inflation. If you have good health, that is even a bigger problem because you need to support your living and your family for 30 or 40 years after retirement. The shot of rail tracks in Kent Avenue Vancouver taken with my Fuji compact.

investment track
investment track
Getting on the Money Track
Don't miss the PBS series MoneyTrack with financial expert Rob Black
"A true financial reality and investor education series featuring real people with real-life problems and solutions. . . . Well worth watching."
—Humberto Cruz, LA Times
In today's unpredictable financial world, achieving and maintaining financial security is a major concern for many people. Getting on the MoneyTrack shows you how to make the right financial decisions for you and your family. It provides a blueprint of what you need to do to ensure a well-funded life and covers topics such as:
Common money management mistakes and how to avoid them
How to get and stay out of debt
New ways to work
Investing in real estate
Financial planning essentials for couples
How to raise money-savvy kids
The best ways to save for college
Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Getting on the MoneyTrack provides an accessible and honest look at how you can improve your financial well-being.