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The Boys Toys

the boys toys
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Boy Toy! Cement pumper truck(Backyard 2)
Boy Toy!  Cement pumper truck(Backyard 2)
I said "boy toy," but I liked Tonka trucks, too! I just think this cement pumper truck is cool. A guy stood out by the foundation and worked the joy sticks to direct the thing. Cool, huh? This series is for the Oooooh-awwww gang that loves construction stuff.
Boys' Toys
Boys' Toys
Go to the Hills. And you will know the true meaning of 'Boys' Toys' :) The SUV looked like a toy car from a cliff-top. I was looking at the Rally, like a small kid looking at Hotwheels whizzing past here & there. Fascination + Adrenalin Rush = Awesomeness! :)

the boys toys
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