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Mother Garden Wooden Toys

mother garden wooden toys
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Set Of 3 Beautiful Peach Roses - Wooden Magnet - Print
Set Of 3 Beautiful Peach Roses - Wooden Magnet - Print
This listing is for 3 magnets. I took this picture from our garden, Mother Nature at her finest! It was so gorgeous and it photographed beautifully. The colors are a peachy yellow with even darker peach running through. I painted the wood white so it would let the colors in the rose show clearly. The rose has been printed on cardstock, the back of the magnet is white as well and it has been sealed with a matte sealer to protect the picture. Magnets make such nice little gifts, a great way to brighten up your home or office. Give one to your childs teacher at the end of the year to just say Thank You. They may be small but seems everyone loves magnets! Both sides of the magnet have been painted and it has been sprayed with a couple coats of matte sealer to help protect the picture. The wood has been cut from hemlock wood and measures 1 ? (4.445 cm) wide by 2 ? (6.985 cm) high ?” (0.635 cm) thick. There's a strong magnet attached to the back with heavy duty glue. *Note* Not intended to be used as a toy as there is a small magnet glued to the back
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
I give my heart to all Grand moms and Moms, Aunts and Sisters, and all the future Moms of the world! (See, there was enough to go around!). I hope all Moms have the greatest Mother's Day of all. If you are a husband or a child, make sure you remember that special Mom in your life!

mother garden wooden toys
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