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Cheap Riding Toys

cheap riding toys
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When you get them cheap... you better....
When you get them cheap... you better....
One small and lovely toystore (only real toystore here in Tampere) has amazing sale going on. They are selling some of their stock in bags. So, there are 20 euro bags and 40 euro bags. You take a bag and stuff toys in it. Toys which belong to offer are limited, but there are plenty. Well, I choosed 40 euro bag... I had to get designer chairs... there were only one Dali chair left, and wow... And I took those two also.. At home i realised that I had forgotten one chair at store, argh! I had the box in my hands, but I suppose I just forgot it to some shelf... :-( Ok, I took Schleich fantasy flower... hopefully i can use it in some toy pic. And Schleich dinosaur, well.. I'm not so into dinosaurs, but there were room in the bag and pricetag was 29 euros. Sweater... I was thinking that some monkey could wear it... maybe... Metallic rockin horse.. well.. Little boat... toys riding toys pool?... Moomin brick a brack.. for Toypincher and Mister Mushroom! Little wind-up penguin... cute... little soft whale.. cute! There was a little room in a bag but I didn't get nothing else... There really wasn't any more usefull stuff for me.. well, there was, but they were too large.. Gosh, why did I forgot that one chair in to the store!!!! So , 197,80 euros toys for 40 euros. Quite good, I think!
photo 045
photo 045
We produce quite a few different models of toy car. Here is our Porsche 356 model. We build these to order and they are built to your spec. Unlimited choice of colour. Each toy takes aprox 8 weeks to produce. You have a choice of electric or petrol. The petrol engines are 110cc with semi auto gearboxes. 3 forward gears and reverse. Electric start etc. All cars have working lights horns and indicators. the brightwork you see is all metal. They are built to last. No cheap plastic toys here!

cheap riding toys
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