Top 10 toys for 3 year olds - Best toys for 1 year old.

Top 10 Toys For 3 Year Olds

top 10 toys for 3 year olds
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159. Get a St. Bernard
159. Get a St. Bernard
Uh. So, ok. Today seems to have lasted forever cause I dont really remember it being a whole, its like its been 2 days. But I woke up this morning with my door open, yet again... So I put the flip lock in today so Ill atleast hear him opening the door. April woke me up somewhere between 10 n 11 so that they could leave to go pay rent and buy food and what not. Me n Monster chilled in the super cold living room til I just couldnt take it anymore and we went upstairs to take a shower. He did fairly well, we both got clean.. but his interest in my peepee was very high today. At one point I had my leg on the sink so I could dry it and he moves around me to look directly at my..peepee..and just stares at it for a few moments and doesnt say a word til I got highly uncomfortable and dried up real fast and got my panties on lol curious little boy I guess. I made him lunch and then remembered I needed to take pictures of my cupcakes so I went upstairs and went to grab the key to my padlock which was sitting on the top of the door sil.. what I didnt realize was that there was a space between the wall n the door and the key slipped back there! I got a chair, hammer, butter knife, and screw driver. I stood on the chair and fished around with the butter knife, came up empty handed. So I got up on the.. I guess itd be the mantel? Or just the top of the railing? Or the damn short wall thingy? Idk but I stood on there, which was scary cause if I fell I would have had a nice drop to the living room floor.. But anyways, I got up there and pried the sil a little farther out with the hammer to get a better look and saw nothing. So out of finding the key options I unscrewed the padlock, which proved to be rather difficult cause I had to have my hand in a very awkward position lol. But I got in and put my key on a necklace that I can just always wear. Got my camera and took a few shitty quality pictures of my cupcakes. Shortly after all that they came back and I headed to the Dollar Store, first trip I got a over the door coat rack thingy, a $1 toy pool table which is very cute, and a small 3 drawer dresser thingy. That now contains all my random shit like pony tails, sticky notes, markers, toys, ect, ect, ect. My jewelry box, vitamins, glitter, tin with my lizard skeleton. And my pjs and tights. And on top of it sits Ryans shorts that I still need to get fabric for so I can sew them, perfume, and face/body lotion..Oh n the whole thing sits on my dresser. I dont know why you would care but lets just pretend you do for my own lonely sake lol. 2nd trip I got a cherry coke (my favorite kind of pop btw) and a Barqs Rootbeer (a coke product...I need coke reward points!..Im starting to get sick of coke, Im at 61 points btw) and a medium sized, wide, 3 drawer dresser thingy. That holds papers, books, movies(tapes), summer clothes, a few shoes, and clothes I dont plan on wearining. It sits in my closet and my heels sit on top of it. I did a lot of organizing today and I feel loads better, I like organization. Everything needs its place. And everything fits a lot better. My room actually looks sorta like mine now, well half of it lol. I played Dantes Inferno some more today. Got a bit accomplished but now Im stuck at some damn maze thats confusing me hardcore, my eyes hurt, so I gave up for the night. Monster watched me play for a little bit, I only let him in my room cause I was too busy to argue with him lol. I went down and watched Bones with Rachael for awhile, there were a lot of Bones episodes. I love Bones! Booth is so sexy, so I most certainly didnt mind the like 3 hour block of Bones. I had eggs for dinner. And left over pizza n crazy bread for lunch. And Rachael let me eat some of her super yummy icecream. I put my sea monkey eggs in the tank today, in 5 days I can feed them and they will start to grow. Im pretty excited lol. I like sea monkeys. I like having a room. I have no idea what we are going to do with Kiara when she gets back cause Im taking my half of the room back and its not big enough for 3 people. And theres too much going on with my PS3, Christmas lights, and sea monkeys for a 5 year old to be in here. Im bored. Im lonely. Im tired. Im stressed. Im afraid. Im sad. Im stuck. And I miss Ryan. Im done complaining. Sticky note. I almost feel like Iv done this one already but now that Im so far in the project I get that feeling a lot. I hope I didnt do it already.. I dont want any repeats lol. But I like big dogs, the bigger the better. I like big square heads and necks I can wrap my arms around. I like a dog I can wrestle with and cuddle with. I like a dog that I can feel safe with, protected by. I love dogs. They arent just objects to me. I treat them more like people than I probably should but a German Shepard/Chow mix named Prince was practically my dad the first 8 or so years of my life. And I have a Black lab/German Shepard mix for a sister. What can I say, when I love something I take it seriously lol
top 10 ideas to make money in our sleep
top 10 ideas to make money in our sleep
i tend to scribble when i drink, a few martinis in me and im rambling about something...

Top 10 Ideas to Make Money in Our Sleep

My brother jokes about finding ways to make money in our sleep. A simple idea really, many people do it, why can’t we eh? What better topic for a drunken martini ramble.

1. Special Interest Videos, ie: porn, gator facts and fun and or research. Basically make a tape, dvd and sell it. Hey I worked in animation, this works really. You make a video that someone wants and you sell it. Lots of them! So what do you make? Sure porn is a basic route to possible success though you may not like who you turn into in the end. Probably not, but we had to add that for fun. Gator Dave fun facts about gators? Maybe, animal videos could be a market. Research videos, I work in research, we always talk about research vids, and there are some out there, but not many, we could hit the market!!

2. Write a Novel, Screenplay, tv series. Dave and I concieved and wrote (roughtly) a 12 episode series one day in Don Pablos awhile back, Gator Nation, by far our greatest adventure in drunken screenplay/tv series rambling writing. It could happen ya know. I like to write, maybe I could do that. Always wanted to write a book and publish it really.

3. Tiki Bar Supplies, Trendy, ok we were sitting at the bar.. so yes this one may seem slightly obvious. But bar trends, whos drinkin what, whats happening where and whats popular. This sorta got us into our discussion on trend spotting, and trend cashing. HA!

4. Gave Development, ever since my dealings with Ritual back in the days of creating the Sin anime with ADV, and basically spear heading that discovery project I’ve had this notion in my head about game development. It could be really fun, and really profitable, yet really really risky. Initally I think about a basic quake engine modification really. Or getting my hands on some dungeon siege tech, finding the captial of course will be hard. So go rogue, go old, go old school tech, like early quake or something and do something new or something “they” missed. But again this falls into, you created it, you create the market, its not as small as you think really, yer just a clone of someone else ya know.

5. Ebay Exchange, rare items, 1 day sales, and sex toys. Now let me clarify the bartender suggested “sex toys” not us. Several people I know do the ebay exchange to make money in their sleep. So this is really a proven, possible route to take just takes time. Dave suggested the 1 day sales, quoting that “people love the stuff thats moving now” basically.

6. Stock Trading. Need to get back to that, risky, yes, but whats moving, gotta put yer eye to the wallstreet there and then look at trends, again we were getting closer to trend spotting which is where our conversation sorta ended up.

7. Exploit Future Accessibility, Hacks for Paranoia Protection. Here is where I dropped off the edge of reason probably. At this point my one napkin mantra of whimscal wonder wisked off into the void of several napkins and ramblings on trend spotting/cashing. The basic idea here however is that there is opportunity in our future connectedness / accessibility. We go wifi, wheres the market, we go bluetooth, wheres the market, we go.. what next? Exploit the future of what is to be. Who am I in 2010, what do I do, what do I wear, what do I drive, how do I connect, how do I live, what do I cherrish, what do I want our of a connected reality? So where are some opportunies, and lets just say it honestly, where is the cash? The cash is in sms? text messaging? Hello Dodgeball meets Google, who’d ever thing that’d happen? A trend unfolds out of curiosity and presto someone takes notice. Open your mind up to the aspect of noticing. Have you noticed lately? Anything?

8. Digital Signage, Miniority Report Today. Its coming really. Despite the folks that tell me otherwise, there are some things that coccur to me that are crystal clear. I love the crystal clear sparks in my head. Actually I love hate them, love cause I feel like I can see the future, hate cause I hate it when they arrive and I didnt get a chance to cash in. Not just simple digital signage, but ads that know you, talk to you, know you via yer wifi, yer bluetooth, yer phone gives you away, ads that make the connection, ads that approach and inform, and advise. You wanna step into the future? Go watch some anime. Yep, and not the new stuff. Go watch the old stuff. Old Macross, old robotech will show you what the future will be and its arriving now. Its funny really. I love seeing something in a cartoon made in the early 80’s arriving now in my local store. One thing I like is advertising really, always have, and this idea of digital signage is just the tip of a whole new ball of wax hitting the scene. RFID is a start, so is bluetooth and phones that cash in the aspect of something like the recc

top 10 toys for 3 year olds
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