Cool toys for boys age 10 : 2011 hot christmas toys.

Cool Toys For Boys Age 10

cool toys for boys age 10
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Vintage Model C Bakelite Viewmaster with 28 Reels
Vintage Model C Bakelite Viewmaster with 28 Reels
This is a vintage collector grade Model-C View-Master Stereoscope made by Sawyer's Inc. and produced between 1946-1955. This is the most recognized of all View-Master viewers and remained in production for approximately 10 years; made of black Bakelite, it has the brass advance lever, inset rivets and the 6 step eye piece. Included with this vintage Viewmaster are 28 Reels, bottom ? of the original box, 2 pamphlets with advertising information and the original operating instruction paper! The Viewmaster and reels are in great vintage condition. The reels are all clear and unbroken and well kept, the paper folders are just yellowing from age. These reels used to be a tourist souvenir while traveling. Such a cool blast from the past! Kids love to look at these non-moving images! They really capture their imagination and give them a sense of the past! The San Francisco one is one of my favorite reels as there are old cars and fashion showing the age of the images! 8 Boulder Dam Nevada, USA 11 Boulder Dam Nevada, USA 27 Grand Canyon National Park Arizona, USA 29 Grand Canyon National Park Arizona East Rim Drive 32 Grand Canyon Arizona River Trail 96 Scenic Coast of Oregon, USA 105 Rainier National Park Washington, USA Glaciers 107 Rainier National Park Washington, USA Paradise Side 111 Redwood Highway California, USA I 116 Sequoia National Park California, USA II 117 Sequoia National Park California, USA III 118 Kings Canyon National Park California, USA 131 Yosemite National Park California, USA I 132 Yosemite National Park California USA II 151 Columbia River Highway Oregon 152 Bonneville Dam and Columbia River HWY Oregon, USA 177 Painted Desert Arizona, USA 183 Lake Tahoe California, USA 188 Santa Barbara California, USA 189 San Juan Capistrano Mission California, USA 198 San Francisco California, USA 201 Santa Catalina Island California, USA 212 Mount Hood Oregon, USA 238 Royal Gorge Colorado, USA 241 North and South Cheyenne Canyon Colorado, USA 311 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Soft Toys!
Soft Toys!
The little reading room of my home, houses the soft toys, on the mantle piece of the old wood fire (it does not work) Some vintage ones, from my childhood, some reproduction, some bam pop love, some store bought ones, some gifts, and most handmade by either myself, partner, or friends, and some etsy purchases. the framed piece on the wall is one of the cutest things we have ever found at the op shop, i love it. <3

cool toys for boys age 10
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