Boy Toddler Toys. What Will Be The Hot Toys For Christmas 2011

Boy Toddler Toys

boy toddler toys
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"Pony Boy"
"Pony Boy"
"Pony Boy" is the title of an old LP from my childhood... I have sung the song to this grandson since his birth in Italy...His first toy gift from me was the little brown horse that he has lovingly put on his back to give a piggyback ride. My grandson has made his night diaper into Builder-Bobs tool belt using tool shaped floor puzzle pieces and an old paintbrush. Our "Pony boy" is looking out the window in the morning sunlight. His little face was haloed in the morning sun. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this photo and reading your comments :)
Toddler holding toy
Toddler holding toy
Happy little guy getting ready to wreak havoc on that little baby buggy toy he's holding.

boy toddler toys
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