Best Toys For One Year Old Boys

best toys for one year old boys
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Elliott was the runt of the litter as well as the only Bassett that wasn’t tri-colored. No one wanted him so my roommate got him for free, and made up some “occasion” to give me this adorable 12-week old puppy. At first I groaned, we already had three dogs, but within minutes I was crazy in love with this little guy. In this picture you can see his forehead wrinkled with concern over his tennis ball. That wasn’t just playing, he was extremely possessive over food, toys, everything. If Elliott had it in his mouth there was no getting it back. This also included one of my hair ties. He grabbed it, and by the time I got to him…gulp! It was gone. It took a trip to the vet, an x-ray and a little vomiting action to give Elliott some relief since nature didn’t take its course. Nevertheless, he was a joy, and fit in well with my three other dogs. One day all that changed. His usual, playful possessiveness turned into aggression. It was so bad, that he would be fine one minute, then snapping and snarling the next. Something was terribly wrong. I immediately took him to the vet. Elliott’s blood work was off the charts, and countless x-rays didn’t reveal the problem. Exploratory surgery was the next step. This would be the part where some pet owners would jump ship, but I wouldn’t hear of it. Before the doctor could even finish explaining the astronomical costs to me, I told him to do it. Elly was not only just a baby, he was family. The day of the surgery I paced and worried waiting for the call and the results. The call came with more bad news. He had an inoperable tumor. The doctor called while Elliott was still under anesthesia giving me the option to just let him go. This simply wasn’t going to happen, I wanted to bring him home. I then asked the dreaded question… “how long?” to which he replied…“he will let you know.” That time came far too soon. One morning I was washing dishes and could see Elliott in the backyard trying to crawl under my ‘67 Mustang. My heart dropped into my stomach. I picked up my keys and went outside. When I got to him, only his bottom and tail were peeking out. I squatted down and rubbed his rump and managed to choke out “come on Elly it’s time.” He responded with a half-hearted tail wag. I then stood up and just stared into the distance not knowing what to do next. Trips to the vet were always a nightmare, and I just didn’t have the heart to drag him out. Then he shocked me by backing out from under the car and sitting next to me. I just walked silently to the truck and he followed, jumping in on his own accord. On the drive to the vet I had mental pictures of pulling him from the car while he fought to stay in, but this too, wasn’t the case. He was out of the car and at the front door ahead of me. When we got inside we immediately went into the treatment room. Just inside was a little couch. I sat down and Elliott jumped up, pulled himself close to me and rested his head in my lap. I stroked his head, and choked on the enormous lump in my throat. Tears just flowed, streaming down my face and falling on top of Elliott’s head. After what seemed like forever the doctor came in and offered his condolences, but told me we had to get him on the table. I refused. He told me he wasn’t sure if he could get the vein, but I was determined not to move him. “Please just try” I begged. The doctor got on his knees in front of us. He found a vein and gave him the injection. There was no noise, no tremble, just peace. As a pet owner I realize how lucky I am. I was there when that wonderful creature drifted into my life, and I was there when he drifted out. It was the most precious moment of my life. Elliott was four years old.
YIP.2:41 small boy, small price
YIP.2:41 small boy, small price
My favorite moment from yesterday's memorial service for Todd Weaver was a story told by my best friend, who is 9 years older than her younger brother. The Weavers lived all over the world, but Nigeria seems to have left the most indelible mark on all of them. Living in a gated community there, Todd and his other sister Kristina noticed the children outside the gates- the ones rolling guinea worms out of their legs; the ones who didn't have enough to eat. Todd, even at age 8 possessed of unusual compassion and leadership, loaded up a wagon with commissary food and toys belonging to himself and his older sister and wheeled it out of the gates. From then on, he played more often than not with the village children. No wonder, she said, he became the most popular kid in his American school when they returned. No one could say no to Todd, Adri said. Picture a Nigerian marketplace full of animals, people, and loud voices hawking everything from food to toys. One young white boy in the midst of it all, separate from his family, bartering firmly for a toy. And finally he would deliver his closing line: Small boy, small price! I take my comfort in these small stories, not in the grand promises of reunions in the sky, though I know they are reassuring to some. I think it can be good between us here- and we can and should keep trying to make it that way.

best toys for one year old boys
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