Class 21

Chapter 13  Gothic

How did Gothic architecture start?  What are the main concepts?

Where did is start and most flourish?  

What are the different periods of Gothic and what makes them separate?

Abbot Suger,  St. Denis

Handout on architecture labels

Chevet, Flying Buttress, Pointed Arches, Rose Window, tracery, armature,

Guilds,  Chartres, West Façade, Jamb statues, Royal Portal

 Scholasticism, Liberal Arts, Reims, 

St. Chapelle, Salisbury, fan vault, Perpendicular,  

13.1 Manuscript page from the Life of Saint Denis , completed 1317 


13.2 Interior of Saint-Denis, near Paris.

Stained Glass

13.6 Carpenters' Guild Signature Window, detail of a stained-glass window, Chartres Cathedral, early 13th century.

13.7 West façade, Saint-Étienne, Caen, Normandy, France, 1067–87.

13.8 Nave, Saint- Étienne, Caen.

13.9 Nave, Durham Cathedral.

13.10 South wall of Chartres Cathedral, 13th Century.

Flying Buttress

13.11 West façade, Chartres Cathedral, c. 1140–50.

13.14 Royal Portal of the west façade, Chartres Cathedral, c. 1140–50.

13.15 Tympanum, lintel, and archivolts of the central portal, west façade, Chartres Cathedral, c. 1145–70.

Central doorway of the south transept of Chartres Cathedral, c. 1220-1230. The tympanum and lintels illustrate the Last Judgment. Christ is presented on the trumeau.

13.16 Door jamb statues, west façade, Chartres Cathedral, c. 1145–70.

13.17 Saints Theodore, Stephen, Clement, and Lawrence , door jamb statues, south transept, Chartres Cathedral, 13th century.

13.18 Nave, Chartres Cathedral, looking east.

13.19 Rose window and lancets, north transept, Chartres Cathedral, 13th century.


Notre Dame Paris 1155-1250



13.20 West façade, Reims Cathedral, France, begun 1211.

13.21 Nave, Reims Cathedral, 1211–c. 1290.

13.23 Annunciation and Visitation , door jamb statues, Reims Cathedral, c. 1225–45.

Amiens France

Saint Chapelle - Paris

13.24 Nave, Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, 1243–48.


13.25 King David Looks Down at Bathsheba Bathing and Up to God , from the Saint Louis Psalter, Paris, c. 1260.

13.26 Salisbury Cathedral, England, begun 1220.

Salisbury Cathedral Plan

13.28 Vault, chapter house, Salisbury Cathedral, 1263–84.

Chapel of Henry the VII, Westminster Abbey, London, England, 1503


Gloucester Cathedral England 1332

13.29 Cologne Cathedral, begun 1248.

13.31 Nave of Cologne Cathedral.

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