OptiCast League Bonus and Payouts!!

You've asked and we've been listening!!!
Bass tournament angling is an expensive sport at any level. The payouts for our fun fishing events just can't compete with the big league tournaments with paying sponsors; however, we think it is important to better reward the top finishers and recover some of those continuous costs of gas, maintenance, and supplies....
Introducing the OptiCast League Bonus!

The OptiCast League Bonus is just that, a bonus, which is paid out at the end of the regular season.
The OptiCast League Bonus is optional. Teams can choose not to participate in the league bonus, just like the optional Big Bass. If a team chooses not to participate, no loss, the entry fees and payouts are exactly
like they are without the league bonus. This keeps our league cheap for those of you just looking to have fun and learn; however, for those of you looking to win a little extra cash this opportunity is now here for you.
To participate in the League bonus teams will pay-in at the beginning of the season $25.00 per tournament or $125.00 for the full season. All payments due prior to the first tournament fished. Teams can not pick and choose which events they participate (it's either all events or none).
All teams who pay-in to the league bonus will be eligible to win the league bonus for each event. League Bonus is awarded to the top team league bonus team for each event (100% payout). The first place league bonus team will win 100% of the total league bonus available for that event.  The winning team will also win the standard GHBT Payout as explained below.
To keep the accounting simple the League Bonus will be calculated and accumulate for each winning team throughout the season and will be paid out after the last regular season event.
The normal payouts will continue to be awarded at each event just as it has in prior seasons following the Payout table shown below...
Here is an example of the league bonus for a single event....
    If we have a 15 boat tournament and 7 boats pay into the league bonus we have
    7 boats x $25/boat = $175 dollars of league bonus bucks for this event. The league bonus winner of this
    event will be awarded $175.00.
League Bonus and the Payout table below apply to both GreenHorn and ADVANCED Divisions. We fully anticipate more teams participating in the League bonus from the ADVANCED Divisions.
100% Payouts!                                                                                           
89% of each entry fee will be paid back at the ramp.  The remaining 11% will be split - 10%  being escrowed towards the Tournament of Champions at the end of season and the remaining 1% is escrowed to the Big Bass Jackpot.