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Welcome back BLACKFISH GEAR! A Platinum Level Sponsor for 2019! 
Blackfish is the Official Sponsor of the Big Bass Award for each individual Event! 

Membership for 2019 is now open to all new and existing members! 

Openings available in ADVANCED Sunday, ADVANCED Wednesday,
and OptiCast Series (a greenhorn division series).

GreenHorn Sundays is now Full.
GreenHorn Wednesday is now Full.

GHBT Ratings are currently being calculated. 


Thank you for visiting the GreenHorn Bass Tour Home Page.
Thanks to our outstanding league support, we are ready for another action packed season for the GreenHorn Bass Tour!!
Our goal is to provide fun and informational tournaments in which tournament anglers will have the opportunity to learn  from the top finishers at the end of each event. The top three finishers and big bass winner are required to discuss their tactics, lures, and locations that brought them their success.  This is required by the GHBT! It is called GREENHORN for a reason.

The GHBT is a team based tournament event where boaters can fish either with a partner or solo. Each boat will weigh their five biggest fish at the end of the day to determine a first, second, and third place finish. There will also be an optional big bass competition during each event.

To reserve your spot for the upcoming season, please CONTACT US at your earliest convenience.  Each division is limited to a number of boats on a first come, first serve basis.  To ensure your spot on the tour please apply for a spot now!!

If you have previously fished with the GHBT welcome back!! 



Reasons to join:

  • 100% Payouts
  • Cumulative Big Bass Jackpot!!
  • Cumulative Big Bag Jackpot!!
  • Wide variety of lakes across the twin cities
  • GHBT League Bonus - Win more $$$
  • Only $25.00 TOC entry fee (for qualifying teams)
  • TOC Trophies!!
  • Team of the Year Trophies!
  • Big Bass of The Year Award!
  • AWESOME Prizes at all events and even better TOC prizes!
  • Discounts from our valued sponsors!
  • Experience professionally ran tournaments designed for the novice angler.
  • GreenHorn and Advanced Divisions
  • Affordable entry fees. $50/boat/tournament and yearly membership of $30/person.
  • Enter the optional $10.00 Big Bass competition at each tournament.
  • Big Bass Medallion Award for all tournaments.
  • First Place Medallion Award for all regular season tournaments!
  • Top 7 teams from each series will be entered into the Tournament of Champions
  • Top teams from GreenHorn Division get to compete in the ADVANCED TOC
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