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  • (Photo Editor) Microsoft Photo Editor is an image-editing application found in Microsoft Office 97-XP versions for Windows, classified as one of Microsoft Office Tools. It has been replaced by Microsoft Office Picture Manager, although some Photo Editor features are not available in Picture Manager.
  • (Photo Editor) providing you with Digital images, which can be used within the program as textures and backgrounds.
  • (Photo editor) In computer graphics, graphics software or image editing software is a program or collection of programs that enable a person to manipulate visual images on a computer.
  • The area or scenery behind the main object of contemplation, esp. when perceived as a framework for it
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To create this image/collage I used many different tools and affects in Adobe Photoshop. The first thing I did was find a picture off the internet of mountains and uploaded it to use as my background. Then I decided first to put in my name. I used the text tool to do this and set the text its self to be white rage italic. Then I applied a black shadow behind it. Next I imported and used the Transform key (ctrl T) to insert and size an image of my own that was my horse and I. I used the stamp tool to take away the background so that the only visible part of the picture was Athena and I. I then went online and found a picture of a volleyball. I copied, re sized (control T), I also used these same steps to form the picture of me rock climbing in the top right hand corner. and made it free floating by using the magic wand. Over the volleyball I used the text tool to write a quote I found online ( Black, Rave). Also in this picture I inserted a tent, airplane, skis, skittles, twilight book, and stage masks by using the same procedure that I did with importing and creating the volleyball. I have a few pictures of my family in this collage. The first picture I edited was the one of my cousins and I. I imported this from my flash drive and sized it using the transform tool. Then I created a heart shape and inverted it using the magic wand so that the picture of my cousins and I was now a heart shape. Then I took that same picture and used image adjustments to turn it black and white. Lastly I selected the layer and modified the image by feathering it. The other photo of my family I imported, transformed, and then added the film grain filter to it. Also I added a drop shadow to the top left. Then I created a heart shape (rasterized the layer) and filled it with two colors using the gradient tool. (Also I had to use the Transform tool to re size it.) The picture of my dog and I was merely imported, transformed, and moved to where I wanted it. The final picture of me and my friends was imported, transformed, then put into a shape using the magic wand and control shift I keys to make the inverse. Then I added a feathered white border. Lastly I used the text key to write and insert 'Friends for Life'. It has a black drop shadow, red coloring, and is done in a Cooper Std font. I preformed all these steps to put together this collage.
PW Tim brushed texture final edit :)
PW Tim brushed texture final edit :)
My final edit for Pioneer Woman's challenge on her "Pesky Tim" photo - Used lasso tool to highlight cowboy and horse, feathered and inverted selection, then pumped up the vibrancy of just the background. Done after my original edit: (Bumped over the red slider quite a bit to redden the photo, then overlayed 4 textures: a shot through my window screen, a closeup of my golden's fur, a side shot of some cracked firewood and then a free grungy texture I found online. Adjusted opacity of each layer independently. Removed most of texture off cowboy and horse, then adjusted levels of all layers separately - contrast, vibrance, saturation, brightness. And tinkered until I thought it looked like a painting, with slightly different results.)

free online background photo editing