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2011 Graduation Photo Cards

2011 graduation photo cards
    photo cards
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  • 2011 (MMXI) will be a common year starting on a Saturday. In the Gregorian calendar, it will be the 2011th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 11th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 2nd of the 2010s decade.

Beginning Of The Ending
Beginning Of The Ending
88/365 6.19.2011 First of all, CONGRATS TO AUBURN CLASS OF 2011!!! My baby sister and all of her friends made it :) I'm so proud of them teehee :D It was kind of awkward to be at the high school, watching her graduate... because that was ME, 2 years ago. I felt proud, but at the same time sad... After they had moved their tassles and were preparing to throw up their hats, that gave me this sick feeling: It was truly the ending of a beginning, and the beginning of an ending. When I graduated high school, I never thought about losing my friends or never seeing them again. I never wanted to think about that, because I didn't want anything to change, I just wanted... Hey, school is over, let's do a lot of cool things now. I didn't want to realize that people would be going out of state or country for school... And that the possibility of never seeing them again was unavoidable. Two amazing things I witnessed today: A 67 year old man finally recieving his diploma because during his graduation time, they denied him his diploma due to his mental condition. WHAT KIND OF BULL IS THAT. So... the class of 2011 and board of administration decided... This would be the year. Why give a man wings, and then clip them for forty something years. 2011 let him fly :) It was one of the most emotional occurrences I had ever witnessed, when he walked up their and got his plaque. :') The other: After graduation and our family celebration, we went to go play pool... again. It's almost a daily now... I think we should get some kind of mileage card ;) While we were playing pool, I took some time to sit aside and have a nice personal talk with someone who was much like me: Never giving all their heart, and selfish for the most part. We talked about a lot of things... But the biggest topic was... well, being defeated. You've read (I hope) in my past 365 photo about being defeated. For all of those now moving into the future, I have this to say: When you give your ALL, make sure you always keep a snippet for yourself somewhere. The worst feeling is that of being stripped of everything you gave. But at the same time: give your all, and keep the faith that everything will turn out ok. And if you start seeing signs of wavering, MAKE it turn out OK. Does that make any sense??... As I'm writing this, so many emotions and thoughts are whirlwinding in my head. This is truly the start of a new beginning, but the beginning of the ending. Class of 2011, congrats.
The Summer of Jenna
The Summer of Jenna
It's the Summer of Jenna! I've been wanting the Summer of Jenna! for over a decade now. And it's finally here! What's the Summer of Jenna! you ask? Well - it's the summer where I'm so busy and having so much fun I can't possibly keep up with myself or get enough sleep. I've been to seven states so far - including an unforgettable trip to Zion - and the weekend this photo was taken I put 1,700 miles on my Civic. (On my way to California I took a photo of the mileage when it turned 111,111 miles because I am a dork.) For her graduation gift, I took my step-daughter on a left-coast adventure. I flew her into San Francisco from NH, and here, in SF, she got to have the best Chinese food west of the Mississippi (U-Lee on Hyde St...go. Get potstickers. Thank me later.), she saw a dude getting a blow job in broad daylight at the Palace of Fine Arts, and she braved the winds and cold to watch the sunset from the Marin Headlands and watched the bridge light up, which is one of my favorite things in the world to see. She also got to go to the Winchester Mystery House, and the Trees of Mystery in the Redwoods (it was a, dare I say it, Magical Mystery Tour of California?) - sadly we didn't have time this road trip for the Mystery Spot - which would have been a trifecta. After four days gallivanting around California and southern Oregon we spent a week in Portland catching up and eating too much. Now I'm running full-steam towards my new business (the website has a landing page with my logo and links to my facebook business page - business cards will be ordered next week!) and getting ready for a week in Chicago before racing back to Oregon to prep for Ara's wedding, where I'll be cooking up a storm and dancing until I fall over. Just six weeks or so left of the Summer of Jenna! and all I can say is...YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! What a kick ass summer.

2011 graduation photo cards