Sessions Notes

Day 1
Keynote Speaker: Ed Parsons
Notes  •  Video

All Product Rapid Fire Demos

Software Engineers Panel

NGOs, Educators, Govts

Mapper Stories


Day 2

Unconference Session
Session A&B - Notes - 1) Software Engineers Panel, continuation

Session C - Notes - 1) Mobile, GPS, Paper, 3) Disaster & Development, 4) Social & User Stats

Session D - Notes - 1) Community, Mapping Parties, and New Mappers, 4) Maps API

Unconference schedule:

What's an unconference?

Instead of having a pre-determined schedule of events where one person talks to a large group of people with very little back and forth discussion, an unconference allows for impromptu conversations to occur and relies on attendees to set the agenda. It's the exact opposite of a traditional conference. It's an unconference! :) We get together, people suggest topics for sessions, we make a list, everyone votes to decide which topics are the most popular, and we get to spend the day exploring the ideas and thoughts the conference participants have.

However, our unconference will only be as good as the session topics we come up with, so please start gathering ideas in the Google Moderator pages below. Please have your session topics tie into the conference themes of "Mapping Asia" and "Developing the Mapping Community".

Moderator pages for:

High-Resolution map:

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Sep 21, 2011, 4:56 PM
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Apr 7, 2011, 4:57 AM